Food Safety

Guidance on food safety protocols, food handler training information, and FAQ  

A critical component to the restaurant industry during any time is strong food safety practices. The current state of the world requires even more thought about how we can prepare and serve food safely. This page includes Association resources to help operators navigate the current dining climate.   

To ensure that restaurants have the latest information about coronavirus, we created this industry-specific guidance for owners and operators. For more information about our ongoing commitment to safe food handling and training and certification opportunities, please visit the ServSafe website.


Restaurant Reopening Guide

Open Icon For restaurant operators getting ready to reopen the purpose of this guidance is just that, to offer you direction and provide a framework for best practices as you reopen. This guidance is designed to provide you with a basic summary of recommended practices that can be used to help mitigate exposure to the COVID-19 virus.




Training & Certification

Food Safety IconMany restaurants are handling diverse challenges during the COVID-19 crisis including adding or upgrading takeout and delivery services and the need for higher skilled team to manage sudden changes in the operations. The training & Certification divison has developed FREE on-demand training videos, made online ServSafe Foodhandler program and ServSuccess Learning Suites complimentary to assist operators in training their staff in appropriate hygiene and sanitation practices and operational strategies.