Tools and resources to recruit, manage, and retain great team members

Help your employees excel at tasks, enjoy positive on-the-job experiences, and advance. Learn about training and scholarship opportunities.

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Restaurant & Hospitality Center
The Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center provides accredited programs to feed careers in the food and beverage industry.
Man and woman in job interview - Recruitment

Learn how to create the right conditions for all staff members to give their best every day to help them and your business succeed.

Three restaurant workers posing - Diversity

Initiatives from our Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance help you embrace the power of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and other ideologies.

Man on laptop at night - Education & Scholarships
Education & Scholarships

Find out about programs like ProStart, HOPES, and the NRAEF Apprenticeship program, plus funding to help pay for your restaurant or hospitality education.

Four workers cooking in a restaurant kitchen - Restaurant Industry Job Titles
Restaurant Industry Job Descriptions

The restaurant industry is one of opportunity with a wide range of positions and career paths available both in restaurants and in the corporate offices of regional and national brands. Check out more than 60 titles and their qualifications.