Addressing concerns over climate change, localities across the country are taking it upon themselves to enact eco-friendly legislation, with one popular focal point being the heating source natural gas.

From adopting recycling measures, to utilizing higher-quality biodegradable packaging for “to go” meals, partnering with food donation centers, and incorporating digital rather than print menus, restaurants have long welcomed measures to preserve natural resources and have taken steps to be proactive stewards of the environment.   

Banning natural gas, however, poses a number of threats to restaurants in the very communities they support economically and environmentally.

Natural gas bans would degrade the quality of food restaurants prepare and serve, hinder the restaurant’s ability to operate outdoor dining space, and increase the business’s operating costs which would likely get passed down to customers through higher prices.

On top of that, research shows that natural gas bans would provide little, if any, benefit to slowing, reversing, or mitigating climate change overall.

Learn more about why natural gas is important to restaurants and what consumers think by checking out our resources on the right.

The Association continues to monitor the development of laws banning the use of natural gas as well as state laws forbidding local governments from implementing such bans. 
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