• Education and Networking

    What resources do you offer for a specific job role? You can explore positions within the food industry, including kitchen, server, and front and back-of-the-house careers. See job titles and descriptions.

    Do you offer online forums to network and share ideas by job function? Our Expert Exchange groups are discipline-specific networking groups. The groups meet yearly or biannually, but offer opportunities to stay connected with like-minded professionals throughout the year. Several offer online forums to share best practices and address common challenges.

    What conferences do you offer? Our most notable event is the National Restaurant Association Show, which takes place the third weekend in May every year in Chicago. The Show features education sessions, demonstrations, networking opportunities and social events, and more than 2,300 exhibitors. The next Show is May 21-24, 2022. 

    Do you offer online programming? We offer online education resources through our webinars, as well our ServSafe suite of training and certification products.

  • General

    Does the National Restaurant Association have a directory of vendors, suppliers, consultants, etc.? Although we don’t have directory of vendors, suppliers or consultants, you may be able to identify some by consulting the exhibitor list for the National Restaurant Association Show.

    Does the National Restaurant Association endorse, rank, or review specific products or services? The National Restaurant Association doesn’t endorse specific products or services, but we offer member discounts for health care solutions and other services through our partners.

    What are your sponsorship opportunities? Email partnerships@restaurant.org for more information.

  • Governance

    Who leads the National Restaurant Association? The National Restaurant Association is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of 90 leaders from every segment of the industry. The current chairman of the board is Lance Trenary. Michelle Korsmo is the president and CEO. Find the other board officers.



  • History

    When was the National Restaurant Association founded? The National Restaurant Association was founded in 1919. See our history.

    Why was National Restaurant Association started? Kansas City restaurateurs founded a national organization in 1919, two years after they organized a boycott to protest excessive prices (65 cents a dozen!). The National Restaurant Association has been advocating for restaurateurs ever since.

  • Industry Information

    Where can I find statistics about the restaurant industry? Industry statistics can be found in Research & Trends.

    What are the latest trends in the restaurant industry? Restaurant industry sales in 2020 were $659 billion, down $240 billion from expected levels. For more information, see economic indicators. For food and beverage trends, see our What's Hot Culinary Forecast.

    What is the economic impact of the restaurant industry? Find data about the restaurant industry's signifcant impact on the economy and jobs here.

  • National Restaurant Association Show

    When is the next National Restaurant Association Show? The next National Restaurant Association Show is May 21-24, 2022 in Chicago.

    How can I learn more about exhibiting at the Show? Learn more about exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities here.

    How do I receive my free member badge? Contact Attendee Customer Service for questions about attendee registration receipts and attendee and exhibitor badge registration.

  • National Restaurant Educational Foundation

    What industry awards do you offer? We offer three awards through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation: Faces of Diversity American Dream Award, Restaurant Neighbor Award and Humanitarian of the Year Award. We offer two awards through the National Restaurant Association Show: FABI Awards for innovative food and beverage products and Kitchen Innovation Awards.

    When are the restaurant awards entries due? Contact Alyssa Prince from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation about industry award deadlines.

    Do you offer scholarships? How can I apply? The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation offers nearly $1 millon a year in scholarships. Visit Chooserestaurants.org for more information.

  • News

    What are your official publications? How do I subscribe? We produce a number of industry and member-exclusive newsletters. Visit Newsletters for the most up-to-date publications and subcribe.  

    How can I be added to your distribution list for news releases? Contact our media relations team to receive news releases.

    Where can I find the National Restaurant Association on social media? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


  • Training and Certification

    My ServSafe order hasn’t arrived yet. Who can I speak with? Please contact our ServSafe Service Center at 800.765.2122.

    How do I get a duplicate certificate? Please contact our ServSafe Service Center at 800.765.2122.

    When will the scores be available? How can I get mine? Please contact our ServSafe Service Center at 800.765.2122.

    How do I order more test forms? Please contact our ServSafe Service Center at 800.765.2122.

    Where is the test being held? Please contact our ServSafe Service Center at 800. 765.2122.