April 26, 2022

UHC plan members get COVID-19 test reimbursement benefit

United Healthcare plan members can receive up to eight COVID-19 home test kits per month at no cost.
Woman holding a COVID-19 test

When you use UHC preferred retailers to purchase tests, in most cases you can get them for free.

If you’re a National Restaurant Association member and have healthcare coverage through United Healthcare (UHC), the Association’s endorsed healthcare partner, you’re eligible to purchase COVID-19 home tests at little or no cost.

In accordance with recent updates to Federal guidelines, as of January 15, 2022, UHC covers individual and group health plan members’ FDA authorized or approved over-the-counter (OTC) at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests without a doctor’s prescription. The plan covers up to eight tests per member per month. 

If you use UHC preferred retailers to purchase tests, in most cases you can get tests at no cost to you. In some cases, you won’t even have to pay any up-front costs for tests. In other cases, you may be reimbursed after the fact by filling out a reimbursement form and providing a copy of a receipt. 

Here’s how it works

If you’re a UHC plan member and have a United Healthcare Pharmacy benefit, you can purchase tests at the pharmacy window of any UHC-preferred retailer at no upfront cost and without having to fill out a reimbursement form. 

To see if you have the United Healthcare Pharmacy benefit, look for “OptumRx” on the front of your UHC member ID card. To receive this plan benefit, you must request COVID-19 tests at the pharmacy window and show your UHC member ID to the pharmacist. 

UHC’s preferred retailers currently include:

Walgreens (includes Duane Reade locations)
Walmart Pharmacy
Sam’s Club (Tests may be purchased at the pharmacy window, but only Sam’s Club members can purchase tests at front counter check-out stands.)
Rite Aid Pharmacy 
Bartell Drugs 
Kinney Drugs

The no-upfront-cost benefit only applies to requests for tests at the pharmacy window of these retailers. If you purchase tests at the checkout stand in the front of the store, you’ll have to submit a reimbursement form either online or through the mail.

If you’re a United Healthcare plan member, but don’t have the OptumRx Pharmacy benefit, you can purchase COVID-19 tests at any store or online location, and UHC will reimburse you for up to $12 per test. Since most COVID-19 tests come in kits containing two tests, UHC will reimburse you for each test in the box, or $24 ($12 for each test). Each test counts toward the total of eight per month per plan member. 

To receive your reimbursement, fill out a reimbursement form online at United Healthcare’s member portal, or a paper reimbursement form, and send it to United Healthcare in the mail. 

You can buy an FDA-approved COVID-19 test that costs more than $12 and still receive the no-upfront-cost benefit if you request it at the pharmacy window of a UHC preferred retailer. If you purchase it at the checkout stand in the front of the store, or at any other online or retail store, UHC will reimburse you for only $12 toward the purchase. 

You also may use FSA or HSA funds to purchase tests, and receive reimbursement by submitting the online or paper UHC reimbursement form.

If you have healthcare coverage through another provider, or currently don’t have coverage, you can order 2 sets of 4 free OTC at-home COVID-19 tests through the Federal government. These tests are shipped directly from

Reimbursement details may vary, depending on your specific plan. To learn more about your specific benefits, sign into