Our Vision

A thriving restaurant and foodservice community, providing America with nourishment, opportunity and joy, working to enhance quality of life for all. 

Our Mission

To serve our industry and impact its success, we: Strengthen operations, mitigate risk and develop talent; Advance and protect business vitality through national, state and local advocacy; and Drive knowledge and collaboration.

  • Strengthen Operations, Mitigate Risk, and Develop Talent

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    • Promote food safety and operational excellence
    • Connect with and develop the workforce
    • Launch services to support our members’ success
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  • Advance and Protect Business Vitality Through National, State and Local Advocacy

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    • Advocate for common sense policy solutions that positively impact operators, team members and guests
    • Strengthen our state and local networks
    • Invest to enhance industry image with all stakeholders
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  • Drive Knowledge and Collaboration

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    • Develop best-in-class capabilities and alliances to become the industry expert on emerging trends
    • Innovate and strengthen industry connectivity platforms
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  • Initiatives to Enable and Resource Our Mission

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    • Strengthen the talent, culture and capabilities required to execute the strategic plan
    • Implement the processes and technology required to enable our team to meet the expanded needs of our members
    • Live our values – innovation, hospitality, collaboration, trust
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