People are the restaurant and foodservice industry’s greatest asset. More than 15.5 million people are employed at a variety of small business, family-owned and national establishments across the country. This workforce is more diverse than any other sector of the economy and employs more female and minority managers than any other industry. 

However, in a tight labor market, expanding the workforce is critical to the success of the restaurant industry, and the U.S. economy. 

That’s why, the Association supports the Essential Workers for Economic Advancement Act (EWEA), H.R. 3734. This legislation would expand the workforce for occupations that provide growth opportunities without a college degree.

This non-immigrant, market-driven, temporary worker program would help restaurants fill job vacancies and provide employees with valuable training, experience, and a career path.

The Association is advocating for the expansion of the workforce through passing the Essential Workers for Economic Advancement Act. Restaurant operators can help support this policy change by contacting their Member of Congress here
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EWEA Policy Brief
June 01, 2023