People are the foodservice industry’s greatest asset, and more than 14 million are employed at a variety of small business, family-owned and national franchise establishments across the country. In fact, 60% of adults have worked in restaurants at some point in their careers.

The restaurant industry is more diverse than any other sector of the economy. Overall, 48% of restaurant industry employees are minorities, and 40% of restaurant businesses are majority-owned by minorities.

Through the years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant workers have helped restaurants innovate and adapt to changing business conditions.

Recruitment and retention have long been challenges for restaurants. According to Association research, 75% of restaurant operators are facing staffing shortages and this is keeping them from operating at full capacity.

As legislation pertaining to employee rights, arbitration, and workforce expansion programs advance through the halls of Congress, the Association will continue to share unique perspectives of restaurant owners and employees, and advocate for policies that benefit the industry and against policies that will harm it.