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Let's Serve Restaurants, Together

A thriving restaurant and foodservice industry depends upon the support of companies that care deeply about improving the lives of restaurant workers and their families, about innovating to advance food safety and sustainability, and about providing nourishment, opportunity and joy that enhances the quality of life for all.

These companies are our industry partners and they deliver the ingredients, services, and supplies that enable the $1 trillion restaurant and foodservice industry to remain a pillar of local communities and to help bolster the national economy.

How To Work With Us

The National Restaurant Association offers impactful ways for companies of all sizes to contribute to the health and well-being of the industry. 

Organizations that serve the restaurant and foodservice industries can work with us in several ways. 


National Restaurant Association and Foundation sponsors are instrumental supporters of our work, providing critical financial support and resources, with direct access to our events, programming, activations and research throughout the year. 

Our sponsorships range from $10k to $100k and are open to all suppliers and related companies who wish to be affiliated with the restaurant industry and provide support for the programs and initiatives that drive the industry forward.  

Giving and Philanthropic Support 

Your company can expand business opportunities and achieve your corporate social responsibility goals by demonstrating direct support for the restaurant and foodservice industry.

A member of our team will work with you to guide your organization’s engagement to meet business or organizational goals. 

Become an Allied Member

Allied membership is open to all suppliers and related companies who wish to be affiliated with the restaurant industry, and provide support for the programs and initiatives that drive the industry forward.

We are Dedicated to Changing Lives and Uplifting Communities

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation empowers people from all backgrounds with the training and education they need to secure a better future. We do this through the vast opportunities offered in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.

Multicultural Foodservice and Hospitality Alliance

MFHA is an educational non-profit 501(c)(3) that helps its members build their cultural intelligence and advance their commitment to Diversity, Equity + Inclusion (DEI) by delivering products and solutions that raise the top line, improve the bottom line and build brand value.

MFHA shares its DEI expertise and best practices with members through a range of products and services, including workshops, webinars, research/reports, programs/initiatives, private speaking engagements, and consulting services. MFHA members include some of the most prominent, successful, and innovative brands in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Partnerships with a Purpose

We are proud of our diverse partnership portfolio and the unique ways we foster engagement, connection and impact with companies of all sizes. The focus of our partnerships vary by company interests and size, but they deeply impact the restaurant industry and workforce.

For the past 20 years, the Coca-Cola Company has partnered with the National Restaurant Association & Educational Foundation to develop new leaders and talent, while giving employees the ability to advance their skills and increase their income. Most recently The Coca-Cola Company joined forces with The Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center to help restaurant operators train and guide their best employees for a fulfilling career in food.

Tork’s commitment to supporting the restaurant and foodservice industries focuses on thought leadership and resource development through food waste research and educational campaigns such as our annual National Food Safety Month held each September.

Together, we launched Nestlé Professional’s ProStart “Pro Tips” which gives students an opportunity to gain experience from experts at one of the largest foodservice companies in the world. Additionally Nestlé Professional is a long-time champion sponsor of our annual National ProStart Invitational held each May in Washington, D.C. ProStart is the nation’s leading high school culinary arts and restaurant management training program serving more than 165,000 students and 1,850 schools across the US. ProStart has served more than 1 million students over 23 years of competition.

Industry Supporters

Our Industry Supporters are more than just providers of products and services; they are thought leaders and experts in their field, dedicated to driving innovation and growth for the entire restaurant industry.

$1,000,000 +

$1,000,000 - $500,000

$500,000 - $250,000

$250,000 - $100,000

Burger King Foundation


FAT Brands

General Mills

Nestle Professional


Rich Products Corporation