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Episode 84
July 10, 2023

Trends in On- and Off-Premises Beverage Alcohol

Guest Speakers:
Alcohol has always presented restaurant operators with a creative and high-margin opportunity to innovate and set themselves apart from the competition. A newly released Alcohol Trends report covers what’s selling, who’s buying, and how it’s purchased. It also includes nearly 30 on- and off-premises wine, beer and cocktail offers customers say they’d like to try.

Our conversation starts off with Mike Whatley, VP of State Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy as well as Michelle Korsmo President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. They discuss the exciting release of this new report and some of the key findings in beverage alcohol trends today.

(01:57) - Alcohol to-go
(03:35) - Generational differences
(06:16) - Locally sourced beverages
(08:20) - Changes to state alcohol laws
(10:00) - TJ Oakley, EVP at Main Street Management on creating a wine club
(13:24) - Blanca Aldaco, Owner of Aldaco’s Mexican Cuisine on cocktails to-go
(17:51) - Marrying takeout and on-premise
(20:56) - Looking to the future
(24:18) - Wine dinners and tasting events

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