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Episode 92
October 30, 2023

The Entrepreneur’s Studio: Milk Bar

Guest Speakers:
  • Christina Tosi
This week on Order Up, we are featuring a conversation from The Entrepreneur’s Studio with pastry chef Christina Tosi, founder and CEO of Milk Bar, about her journey in founding the iconic bakery. Christina shares lessons in trusting instincts, following your passions in the face of doubt, and how her culinary education and experience were instrumental in launching Milk Bar.

(0:55) – Early moments and influences
(8:20) – Trusting instincts
(15:10) – Passion over doubts
(22:06) – Daily check-ins
(23:49) – Milk Bar
(27:11) – The entrepreneurial mindset

Listen to Part 2 of the Christina Tosi interview.

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