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Episode 83
June 20, 2023

Creating a Culture of Acceptance at Red Robin and Wingstop Restaurants

Guest Speakers:
  • Mike Axiotis
This week Karly speaks with Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group President & CEO Mike Axiotis about establishing and operating their Diversity and Inclusion Council and its positive impact on team members.

In this episode, Mike shares LVRG’s strategies to create a respectful workplace and embrace cross-cultural learning.
(01:20) – Introducing Mike Axiotis
(04:35) – Approaching diversity, equity, and inclusion
(07:15) – Establishing and operating the Council
(13:52) – Recruitment and retention
(18:30) – MFHA’s Elevate Program
(20:59) – Refreshing the Council’s leadership
(22:54) – Vulnerability

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