Employee turnover is a huge challenge for the restaurant industry. There’s a big gap between how hospitality enterprises view their diversity and inclusion policies and how their employees actually experience them.

To drive positive change in DEI initiatives that are proven to improve retention, the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance created ELEVATE: DEI Framework for the Restaurant Industry – a method for building successful DEI programs and cultural fluency within the restaurant industry.    

The framework was developed in response to landmark research recently released by the Association in collaboration with the Educational Foundation, MFHA and Cornell University. The 2022 DEI Survey Report reveals a gap between how diverse, equitable and inclusive companies believe they are, and what their employees report they’re experiencing on the job.  

Ultimately, the report reinforces how important effective DEI policies are in driving engagement and retention within the restaurant industry. 


ELEVATE: DEI Framework for the Restaurant Industry

The ELEVATE framework includes topics such as fostering stakeholder communication, conveying value to employees, providing resources for building successful training practices, and measuring success. ELEVATE provides the restaurant industry with an actionable framework on which to build successful programs and meaningful change in DEI policy, change that achieves a true culture of inclusion, equity and opportunity that employees crave.

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