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Episode 66
September 26, 2022

CEO Series: Creating a Culture that Attracts and Retains Talent

Guest Speakers:
  • Roz Mallet, Lakisha Hunter
This episode is the second installment of a new miniseries where National Restaurant Association President & CEO Michelle Korsmo discusses key topics and issues with Association members. Listen to the first installment of the series entitled “Political Advocacy in the Restaurant Industry” with Lance Trenary. And check out Michelle’s introductory episode from earlier this year.

This week on Order Up, Michelle Korsmo is joined by Chef Kisha Hunter, founder and owner of That Jerk Spot LLC and founder of Rise Above the Ordinary, and Roz Mallet, former board chair of the National Restaurant Association, emeritus board member of NRAEF, and CEO/President of PhaseNext Hospitality. With Michelle, they discuss NRAEF programs (like HOPES and ProStart) that cultivate a talented restaurant industry workforce from all backgrounds. Roz and Chef Kisha share insight into their inspiring careers and approaches to leadership and mentorship across numerous roles and enterprises. In this episode, learn how cultivating a culture that acknowledges the needs of today’s employees—while amplifying the benefits of working in the restaurant industry—can combat workforce challenges.

(4:08) – Introducing Roz Mallet
(8:18) – Introducing Chef Kisha Hunter
(13:46) – ProStart
(15:50) – HOPES
(18:48) – Military programs
(21:19) – Lessons in professionalism and fulfillment
(25:26) – Current challenges for recruitment and retention
(32:22) – Rise Above the Ordinary
(38:11) – Looking ahead

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