Minimizing Food Waste


Restaurant managers, employees – even customers – would like to minimize food waste whenever possible, but it’s often easier said than done. Some operators are making it happen through small changes in kitchen procedures, smart menu production and inventory control, and by training employees to actively monitor waste. Hear from operators who’ve set up successful pilot programs with the help of the World Wildlife Fund and the National Restaurant Association’s food waste reduction project, 86 Food Waste. The webinar is in partnership with Essity-Tork. 

  • Lessons learned from in-restaurant food-waste-reduction pilot projects 
  • Start small, build from there: effective first steps
  • Sourcing compostable foodservice packaging to help with waste diversion


  • Raquel Carbonari, Regional Brand Activation Manager – North America, Tork
  • Monica McBride, Manager, Food Waste, World Wildlife Fund
  • Ellen Kassoff, Co-owner, Milk and Honey