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Episode 77
April 17, 2023

Sustainability & Food Waste Reduction in Restaurants

Guest Speakers:
In the first of two episodes dedicated to Earth Day, Karly speaks with Dan Simons, Founder and Co-Owner of Farmers Restaurant Group, and Jeff Clark, Director of the National Restaurant Association’s Sustainability Expert Exchange group. In this conversation highlighting sustainable practices in restaurants, they discuss food waste reduction, sustainable packaging, and workforce engagement.

(01:23) – Introducing Farmers Restaurant Group
(04:55) – Engaging your workforce in food waste reduction initiatives
(06:36) – Leftover food composting
(08:43) – Sustainable packaging & Our Last Straw initiative
(13:00) – Community support through food donations
(15:39) – Small steps toward reducing waste
(18:45) – Introducing Jeff Clark
(19:31) – 86 Food Waste program
(20:35) – Beginning a food waste reduction program
(23:21) – Sustainability resources from the National Restaurant Association

Resources to learn more:
Farmers Restaurant Group
About FRG
Our Last Straw, one of FRG’s environmental initiatives
Sustainability resources from the National Restaurant Association
86 Food Waste site

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