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Episode 81
May 30, 2023

Expert Advice for Restaurant Operators: Diversity, Tax Credits, and More

  • Karly McBride
Guest Speakers:
  • Various guests
Recently the National Restaurant Association hosted a webinar series on key topics relevant to restaurant operators today. This four-part webinar series focused on diversity, emergency preparedness, policy and tax credits, and food donations. The series garnered more than 1300 registrations and was applauded as an incredible resource by attendees.

Today on the podcast, we’re sharing some of the top insights from those webinars. These are just snippets, so be sure to check out the full series and the incredible resources included. These webinars are available on-demand and FREE for the industry.

(01:22) - Adapting Hiring Practices for a Modern and Diverse Workforce
(07:51) - Natural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Insights from a Survivor
(18:04) - The ABC's of Food Code Regulations Around Food Donations
(25:07) - Taking the Guesswork out of Restaurant Tax Credits

Resources to learn more:
Restaurant Operator Webinar Series registration page, access all four webinars, on-demand here.
DEI Survey & ELEVATE: DEI Framework for the Restaurant Industry, found here.
Always Ready: Natural Disasters guide
Political Affairs Conference registration link

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