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Episode 09
August 23, 2019

09 Location, Location, Location: Why It’s Critical for Restaurants

On this week’s episode of Fast Casual Insider, Helen Jane Hearn, the senior content director for the National Restaurant Association, steps in for host Jerry White for a conversation with Nick Vojnovic, president of Little Greek Fresh Grill. As the leader of a fast-growing chain, Nick knows all about real estate expansion and shares his tips on getting the best deal for your restaurant location.

This week on Fast Casual Insider we’re diving into the real estate side of the restaurant industry. Helen Jane Hearn sits in for host Jerry White to speak with Nick Vojnovic, president of Little Greek Fresh Grill. Nick has been in the business of expanding restaurant franchises for more than 20 years. He talks about trends with landlords, how to figure out what rent will fit your budget, and common mistakes that new franchises make when trying to expand. Tune in to learn how to secure real estate deals that are future-focused so that your restaurant can grow with the neighborhood.

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