Meg Rose
Vice president, field operations, Firehouse Subs
July 29,  2019

Joining host Jerry White on this episode of Fast Casual Insider is Meg Rose, vice president of field operations for Firehouse Subs. After more than a decade with the company, Meg discusses how the current marketplace demands innovation in marketing, delivery, and kitchen design. 

  • [00:06] - Introducing Meg Rose
  • [00:45] - Why Meg kept coming back to the restaurant industry 
  • [01:55] - How she got to where she is today
  • [02:33] - Mentors and learning leadership
  • [03:35] - Meg’s start and evolving role with Firehouse Subs
  • [06:56] - Marketplace change and adaptation
  • [11:26] - Changes to the physical space within Firehouse restaurants
  • [13:04] - The impact of third-party delivery
  • [13:48] - Retrofitting older locations
  • [14:52] - Off-premise marketing and sales tactics
  • [16:14] - Choosing a third-party delivery partner
  • [16:56] - How the altruistic origins of Firehouse are still present today
  • [18:24] - Role of social media internally and externally
  • [19:37] - Non-negotiables of being a leader
Joining Jerry White in this podcast episode is Meg Rose, v.p. of field operations for Firehouse Subs, which is based out of Florida. Meg has been with company for more than a decade and has been instrumental in helping to navigate the concept through a period of explosive growth. Prior to her role at Firehouse Subs, she was the regional director of operations for Applebee’s from 1991 to 2004. Jerry and Meg discuss the evolution of the fast-casual industry and how the current marketplace demands innovation in marketing, delivery, and kitchen design. 
Host Jerry White, has worked in restaurant operations, in foodservice distribution, and then in media sales, holding top sales and management positions with several leading foodservice media companies over the past 35 years. Jerry joined the team at Plate magazine in early 2010 as associate publisher and continues in that role providing solutions and opportunities for manufacturers and organizations as they anticipate tomorrow’s industry challenges.  
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