July 05, 2023

Create great-performing job descriptions for your operation

New Association resource offers necessary assistance when it comes to attracting best, brightest candidates.
Restaurant employees a man and a woman

The job descriptions are for informational purposes only and based on general descriptions of what those roles might consist of or require, plus the necessary qualifications needed.

The restaurant industry is one of opportunity, made up of myriad positions and career paths in restaurants and at the corporate offices of regional and national brands.

Right now, there are some 1.1 million foodservice and hospitality industry jobs available to prospective employees, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In its ongoing effort to help operators and managers attract the best and brightest candidates for those positions, The National Restaurant Association recently updated its Restaurant Industry Job Descriptions landing page to showcase more than 60 restaurant-level and corporate-position job descriptions for companies to use when advertising their own job postings.

The purpose of the descriptions is to provide employers with a variety of options and prompts to refer to when creating job postings for their operations. The job postings will want to reflect the culture and attributes of each different organization. The short, simple descriptions also provide industry job seekers with a good list of qualifications they might want to consider when attempting to advance their own careers.

The job descriptions contained in this resource are for informational purposes only and based on general descriptions of what those roles might consist of or require, plus the necessary qualifications typically needed. Specific roles and responsibilities may vary, along with degrees, certifications, and experience not listed. 

Click here to learn how to get your job postings, whether they’re homegrown or sponsored, to pop to the top of extensive online job listings and garner attention from great, career-seeking candidates. Visit the resource and allow it to help you create job descriptions that will work best for your operations’ needs and take your workforce to the next level.

It will also offer you tips on how best to keep to specific key words, properly specify compensation ranges, highlight your businesses’ diversity, core values and culture, as well as point out the perks, like flexible scheduling, for working at your establishments.