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Episode 58
May 16, 2022

The National Restaurant Association Show 2022

Join us this weekend (May 21-24) for the National Restaurant Association Show 2022! This episode, host Karly McBride highlights several resources and programs that will be represented at the show. From a “Workforce Day” to training opportunities and presentations on current DEI initiatives, the Show is an excellent environment to connect with peers and embrace the continued recovery of the foodservice industry.

To register and learn more about the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show, visit: https://www.nationalrestaurantshow.com/.

(1:25) – Recruiting and retaining your workforce
(3:03) – Workforce Day
(3:56) – Restaurant & Hospitality Leadership Center (RHLC)
(4:17) – The ProStart Program demo
(4:51) – Military service member opportunities
(5:20) – Hospitality Opportunities for People (Re)entering Society (HOPES)
(5:46) – Pathways to Black Franchise Ownership
(7:38) – ServSafe
(8:19) – Healthcare and insurance resources

More resources and initiatives highlighted in this episode:
On healthcare and insurance, including RHA Benefit Trust - https://restauranthealthcare.org/
Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) - https://mfha.net/
The National Restaurant Association Resource Library - https://restaurant.org/education-and-resources/resource-library

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