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Episode 64
August 25, 2022

The Entrepreneur's Studio: Sugar + Spoon

Guest Speakers:
  • Ivana Orlovic, William Hubbell
This week on Order Up, we are featuring a conversation with The Entrepreneur’s Studio host Chris Allen and founders of Sugar + Spoon, Ivana Orlovic and William Hubbell, about their thriving company specializing in safe-to-eat cookie dough. In this episode, learn how this business class project broke into the Seattle dessert food truck industry, the secrets of their successful co-founder relationship, and how an essential pandemic pivot displayed their resilience and reshaped their plans.

(2:32) – UW’s Creating a Company
(6:00) – The beginning
(9:40) – Starting the food truck
(11:59) – Pitching to the dads
(15:55) – Sugar + Spoon
(17:37) – A complementary duo
(20:39) – The first big “no”
(24:36) – Advantages of a dessert food truck
(28:04) – Finding a co-packer
(29:24) – Determining where to park
(32:11) – A COVID pivot
(36:12) – Cultivating a high-energy, positive environment
(40:40) – Social media presence
(46:56) – Rapid-fire questions

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