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Episode 90
October 09, 2023

Streamlining Restaurant Technology with SpotOn's Kevin Bryla

Guest Speakers:
In this week’s episode, sponsored by SpotOn, National Restaurant Association’s Chief Information Officer Kevin Steele talks restaurant technology with Kevin Bryla, the Chief Marketing Officer of SpotOn, and Emma Blecker, Chief of Staff & Director of Business Systems at Boqueria. They discuss tech bloat — the over-adoption of technology and software solutions — its cost implications, the importance of streamlining tech stacks, and the positive role tech can play in the employee experience.

(00:03) - Introductions
(01:10) - Understanding Tech Bloat
(08:00) - Reducing Tech Bloat
(13:00) - Worker Management and Technology
(18:00) - Implementing New Technology
(27:00) - Implementation Tips

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