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Episode 78
April 24, 2023

Good Done Right: Wendy’s Focus on Environmental Awareness

Guest Speakers:
  • Liliana Esposito
In the second episode dedicated to Earth Day, Karly speaks with Liliana Esposito, Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer at The Wendy’s Company, about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing more sustainable packaging options, and reducing food waste.

In this conversation, Liliana shares several goals and commitments Wendy’s has set in its Good Done Right initiative and the progress thus far. With a focus on food, people, and footprint, Wendy’s approach to energy, waste, and employee engagement makes a significant impact and serves as inspiration for operators across the restaurant industry.

(01:28) – Introducing Liliana Esposito
(02:15) – Good Done Right at Wendy’s
(03:43) – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
(05:11) – Sustainable packaging
(06:06) – Eliminating food waste and commitment to freshness
(08:07) – Purpose-driven employees
(13:38) – Tips for smaller operators approaching sustainability

Resources to learn more:
Wendy’s to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Impact
How Wendy’s is Approaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2023
Wendy’s Reflects on 2022 Corporate Responsibility Achievements

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