Washington, DC - If a great revamped classic cocktail was on the menu for New Year’s, or oat milk was your go-to for coffee this morning, then you’re already on-trend with some of the hottest beverages of 2020, according the annual What’s Hot survey from the National Restaurant Association.

The forthcoming survey is a barometer of food and beverage trends at restaurants around the country. The results forecast the top food, beverage, and culinary concept trends that drive what consumers find on menus across the country. The annual survey looked at the responses of more than 600 professional chefs – all members of the American Culinary Federation.

“Exciting and diverse beverage options, including wines, spirits, beers and non-alcoholic drinks, attract new diners and keep existing clientele returning,” said Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of research for the Association. “Consumers are looking for new tastes or curated parings of food and beverage. Having a beverage menu that offers a wide range of options, including relevant and fresh alternatives or twists on classics, can create a unique experience that makes a restaurant stand out in a very competitive environment.”

The survey asked the chefs for trends in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Among alcoholic offerings, they identified revamped classic cocktails, alcoholic seltzers, and mescal varieties (sotol, raicilla, etc.) among the top trends for the year. For non-alcoholic beverages, kombucha, agua frescas, and oat milk top the list of trends.

Look for results of the complete 2020 What’s Hot survey on January 13.

The National Restaurant Association and its ServSafe Alcohol team advocate responsible alcohol service and consumption every day.

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