February 09, 2016

World-class education session speakers to address latest trends at Restaurant Show

(Chicago) The National Restaurant Association today announces the powerhouse lineup of education session speakers and topics at the 2016 National Restaurant Association, Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, taking place at Chicago’s McCormick Place on May 21-24, 2016. Show attendees can learn best practices from world-class industry professionals to gain valuable insights to increase their success in 2016. Interested attendees can register for the largest foodservice tradeshow in the U.S. here for $59 until April 3.

With foodservice changing at lighting fast speed, trend leaders share their insights on topics ranging from strategies for increasing operation efficiencies to implementing health-focused menus. The changing state of the fast-casual sector—from food safety to fine-dining chefs entering the market—continues as a prominent discussion. New thought-provoking topics include: new consumer and industry research from NRA, Mintel, and Euromonitor International; clean menu development and logistics with Panera Bread’s team; new thinking around tipping vs. service charges from Union Square Hospitality; strategies for hiring during a talent shortage with members of CHART; presentations around workforce engagement and development from current Taco Bell CEO and outgoing Yum! Brands Chair David Novak; and even a talk on the reality of prison meals with Department of Food Administrator at California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Laura Maurino—beyond what’s portrayed on the popular series, Orange is the New Black®.

Additional inspiring opinions and powerful messages providing intel to improve operations and spark new ideas include: retail and restaurant partnerships; adapting to Millennials and Generation Z, and beyond; dealing with food safety issues in the age of local sourcing; responsive menu development; the new face of online delivery; key business strategies; culture development; sustainable agriculture; the latest in labor and workforce issues; addressing food waste and donation; an overview of up-to-the-minute hospitality trends; and more.

“Just about every major issue highlighted in the foodservice and restaurant news is represented in this year’s NRA Show educational line-up,” says Lisa Ingram, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2016 and President and CEO of White Castle System, Inc. “This is an opportunity for attendees to gain real-time thoughts directly from the trendsetters, newsmakers and overall world-class leaders who come to reveal their own personal experiences and professional opinions and entertain live Q&A on each subject.” 

Full lineup of education sessions/topics includes:
Workforce Engagement: 
200 Languages, 200 Cultures, One Mission
Explore how language and cultural diversity challenges restaurant operators to develop a diverse workforce. Learn how to identify and overcome challenges it poses, understand what resources can be tapped into, and experience how to communicate effectively at a restaurant and brand level to meet consumer needs.
Vicky Timmer, Vice President of Brand Operations, Pollo Tropical 
Culture: Building a Business on Purpose
In the competition for talent, culture can be a clear point of differentiation. Examine how operators are currently using culture to attract, inspire, and retain employees, and how to evolve into a healthier culture. Hear from members of CHART, the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers, and their methods for successfully putting culture to work.
Donna Herbel, Lead Director, Training and Development, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC
Gabe Hosler, Director, Training & Ops, Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Michele Lange, Director of Training & Development, The Habit Burger Grill
Jason Lyon, CEO, The Common Man Family of Restaurants
Grappling with Generation Gaps at Work
Today’s foodservice workforce runs the generational gamut. In this session, trainers from multiunit restaurants explain how they bridge the learning style gap with new approaches to e-learning, gamification, and investing in culture to support a healthy, harmonious multigenerational staff.
Gabe Hosler, Director, Training & Ops, Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Donna Herbel, Lead Director, Training and Development, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC
Michele Lange, Director of Training & Development, The Habit Burger Grill
Jason Lyon, CEO, The Common Man Family of Restaurants
Great Work: Fixing the Global Recognition Deficit
Learn how and why recognition and gratitude impacts a business’ bottom line. The chair and former CEO of the world’s largest restaurant company and NYT best-selling author shares new research on the “global recognition deficit,” reveals lessons learned, and inspires attendees with practical advice to create positive change for their lives and business.
David Novak, Executive chairman, Yum! Brands, Inc.
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
The daily stresses chefs feel on the job and beyond take a physical and mental toll that can lead to unhealthy choices. Hear how industry leaders are making self-care and healthier lifestyles top priorities to prevent burnout, illness, and bad habits that turn into liabilities at work.
Connie Gentry, Editor, FSR magazine, Food News Media
Hire, Train, Reward, Retain: Developing a Team of Top Performers
Finding great people who do great work is a huge challenge. Learn more about effective, cutting-edge recruiting and hiring tactics, robust training for multi-generational staff, incentive and bonus programs to drive top line and employee engagement, and methods for increasing retention.
TJ Schier, President, SMART Restaurant Group
Making Teens Your Business: Tomorrow’s Success Starts Today
Teens are the heart and soul of Taco Bell, both as a customer and employee base. This session explores the importance of investing in teens and how companies that actively engage them are building stronger brands, communities, and bottom lines.
Brian Niccol, CEO, Taco Bell
Service that Rocks: How to Create a Differentiated Experience
This interactive session is designed to highlight best practices that amp up a company’s service culture to create mind-searing guest obsession, repeat business, and sustainable results. Jim Knight leads the session, employing elements of edutainment to spark out-of-the-box thinking and leave attendees with meaty takeaways-all told through the spirit of rock ‘n roll.
Jim Knight, Managing Partner, People Forward
Strong Recruiting for a Shrinking Workforce
The five most important attributes that today’s workers are looking for in an employer are: clearly defined career paths, learning opportunities above initial job skills, transparency, people-focused values, and plans for future growth. In this interactive panel discussion, gain insights from industry leaders on how to effectively implement these strategies and become the top employer of choice for current jobseekers. 
Michele Lange, Director of Training & Development, The Habit Burger Grill
Donna Herbel, Lead Director, Training and Development, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC
Gabe Hosler, Director, Training & Ops, Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Jason Lyon, CEO, The Common Man Family of Restaurants
Tipping Point: Experts Debate Gratuity Structures
Tips are top of mind for restaurant operators and consumers alike as high profile stories about the elimination of tipping make the rounds. This session will feature industry experts discussing how new models impact staff engagement, guest experience, and the future of dining.
Jim Coyle, President, Coyle Hospitality Group
Lauren Hobbs, Director of Marketing, Union Square Hospitality Group
Joshua Levine, Director of Operations, STARR Restaurants
Brett Traussi, Chief Operating Officer, The Dinex Group
Training Leaders Using Limited Resources
Training the next generation of leaders is essential for any restaurant’s long-term survival, but finding the money to pay for this training can be difficult even in a growing economy when operators also have to pay for higher rents, food costs, and wages. This session focuses on strategies to improve the organizational, motivational, and communication skills of up-and-coming employees that won’t burn up budget or time.
Patrick Yearout, Director of Recruiting and Training, Ivar’s Restaurants
Donna Herbel, Lead Director, Training and Development, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC
Gabe Hosler, Director, Training & Ops, Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Michele Lange, Director of Training & Development, The Habit Burger Grill
Bridging the Atlantic: U.S. and U.K. Restaurant Trends
Thinking of entering the U.K. restaurant market as an operator or supplier or looking for insights/strategies to export to a U.S. restaurant? This session will compare and contrast highlights of critical trends sweeping the U.S. and U.K. foodservice arenas. Two restaurant industry experts on the U.S. and U.K. markets will examine learning opportunities from both countries which can be applied to grow restaurant sales and enhance customer satisfaction. 
Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President, Research & Knowledge Group, National Restaurant Association
Peter Backman, Managing Director, Horizons
Bring Back of House Front and Center 
Menu innovations are driving equipment into front of house to amp up the customer dining experience. Examine how equipment manufacturers are producing innovative designs that balance functionality with aesthetics and ease of use to determine what makes sense for an operation. 
Sarah Krol, Global Managing Director, NSF International 
Emerging Trends in Correctional Food Service
There’s more to serving up prison meals than what’s been shown on Netflix. Understand how to grapple with food waste, accommodate religious diets, and curb inmates’ production of alcohol using fermented foods.
Laurie Maurino, Departmental Food Administrator, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Fast Casual 2.0: Lessons from the Next Great Limited-Service Wave
Fast-casual restaurants are dominating the foodservice conversation. Get to know the entrepreneurs who are rolling out unique, premium limited-service concepts that are chef-driven and pushing the standards for high-quality products, ingredients, and service. This is the future of fast-casual.
Sam Oches, Editor, QSR magazine
Leveraging Unit Economics to Drive Brand Growth
Unit economics aren’t solely tied to revenue. Every decision made to support this type of business model impacts the overall experience offered to consumers in different ways. Uncover the key factors that are driving unit economics to support brand growth, including retail design, menu design, and supply management.
Steve Romaniello, Managing Director, Roark Capital Group
Juan Martinez, Principal, Profitability
Lynn Rosenbaum, VP Retail Environments, Chute Gerdeman
Ric Scicchitano, Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage, Corner Bakery Cafe 
Make the Most of Your Service Dollar
Are planned maintenance programs as cost effective as they could be? Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of equipment maintenance involves many variables, such as how technology impacts the process, when to reach out to contractors, and how to protect the bottom line.
Bruce Hodge, Past President, CFESA - Commercial Food Equipment Service Association
Millennials, Gen Z, and Beyond: How Fast-Casual can Adapt
Millennials and beyond have lofty expectations for fast-casual offerings that are leaving brands scrambling to accommodate their wants and needs quickly and cost effectively. The fast-casual pioneer behind McAlister’s Deli and Newk’s Eatery, Chris Newcomb, teaches the smart ways to incorporate innovation, when the right time to evolve is, and what adapting to trends means for day-to-day operations.
Chris Newcomb, Co-founder, President and CEO, Newk’s Eatery
Trend Watch 2016 and Beyond 
The future of foodservice will be shaped by economic, workforce, consumer, technology and food trends. Delve into the National Restaurant Association’s 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast, What’s Hot chef survey and research on global flavors present a snapshot of the restaurant industry’s unique trends, challenges and opportunities to make smart, strategic decisions and grow businesses.
Annika Stensson, Director, Research Communications, National Restaurant Association
Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President, Research & Knowledge Group, National Restaurant Association
The 7 Essentials: What Wildly Successful Foodservice Brands do
Join Jim Sullivan for an in-depth examination of the 7 essentials that high-performing foodservice brands and teams share relative to service, teamwork, hiring, training, profitability, and more. Learn specific strategies, tactics, and takeaways that can implement immediately.
Jim Sullivan, CEO and Founder, Sullivision.com
The New Way to Run a Restaurant
Chef/Owners Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski share their tested and unique approach to running their restaurant, Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Cikowski and Kulp share insight into how they create a positive work culture within the high pressure restaurant world, while still meeting goals for their three bottom lines: food, service, and finance.
Josh Kulp, Chef/Owner, Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Christine Cikowski, Chef/Owner, Honey Butter Fried Chicken
View from the Top: Trade Secrets for Success
Hear how nationally ranked operators reached elite status thanks to glowing online reviews, engaging company culture, and exciting menu offerings. During the session, attendees can learn specific strategies for achieving similar results that will wow loyal customers and gain accolades.
Ray Villaman, President, Tahoe Restaurant Group
Vision Quest: Increasing Ideation in Concept Development
New concepts require a structured ideation process to guide operators through a creative process that results in specificity, integration, and a more actionable strategy. Learn how to pinpoint needs, fully articulate vision, and what unexpected variables play into the ideation process.
Karen Malody MSW, Owner and Principal, Culinary Options, FCSI
Sales & Marketing: 
A Clear View on Transparency: How it Builds Consumer Trust
Earning consumer trust is critical for those involved in today’s foodservice industry. The reality that food is safer and more affordable than ever before can be overshadowed by a lack of trust. Discover how producers, food companies, and restaurants can lean on transparency to earn trust and develop a stronger relationship with the consumer.
Charlie Arnot, CEO, The Center for Food Integrity
Cash in on Catering: The Secret to Boosting Profits 
Savvy operators are racing to find creative low-cost ideas to get more sales out of the overhead they possess. Catering is the dark horse in that race. Explore how to create a marketing strategy for adding catering as a profit center and how catering menu design, catering sales building and repeat catering business improve existing catering offerings. 
Michael Attias, Founder/President, Restaurant Catering Systems
Consumer Trends In Foodservice And Beyond
Each year, Mintel global analysts identify and analyze key consumer trends. This session will guide attendees through events, products, and services that are poised to influence consumers in 2016. Exclusive consumer data from Mintel and real world examples will help to better understand how today's consumer thinks, feels, and acts to stay ahead.
Paul Pendola, Foodservice Category Manager, Mintel
Going Global: Understanding International Opportunities
A changing global environment has made international expansion an option for more operators than ever before. This session explores the drivers behind this shift while taking an in-depth look at the countries, categories, and consumers where smaller concepts are competing-and winning.
Michael Schaefer, Head of Beverages & Foodservice, Euromonitor International
Keeping the Media Edge in Today’s Rapidly Changing World
Balancing traditional media with digital is a complex task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this session, hear why Dunkin’ Brands runs on mobile. Learn to cut through the clutter with savvy marketing moves and media buys, and how to remain nimble in the rapidly evolving media world.
John Costello, Chief Global Marketing and Innovation Officer, Dunkin’ Brands
Lessons from Loyalty Program Experts
Mike Lynch of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises will share first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in loyalty operations, analysis and keeping valuable members active for years. Learn how Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise’s 25-year-old Frequent Diner Club loyalty program has stayed fresh and modern, including a transition to mobile.
Mike Lynch, Director of Frequent Dining, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises
Menu Engineering: Build Profitability, Value, and Guest Return
Menu Engineer Gregg Rapp will guide attendees through his five-step approach to engineering menus for increased profitability. Understand how the science of menu engineering collides with the art of designing a menu to increase profits by at least $1,000 per month and how to bring consumers back time and time again.
Gregg Rapp, Menu Engineer
Protecting Your Brand in a Crisis: Tips from the Front Lines
It only takes one poorly-managed crisis to tear down the reputation or destroy sales of a business mired in controversy. This interactive session will share practical advice and tips on how to handle the toughest situations. Learn what to say and do, what to NOT say or do, and how to protect a business’s reputation in today’s always-on news, digital, and social media world.
Rick Van Warner, President, The Parquet Group
Retail Opportunities in Restaurant Operations: Ideas for Success
Retail opportunities for restaurant operations are a tasty prospect, but successfully integrating them can be challenging. Expanding and enhancing a brand with merchandise requires a careful analysis of ROI and resources needed to offer on-brand retail items. Hear how others have created profitable retail programs and what they’ve learned from trial and error.
Eric Larson, Director of Retail Strategy, Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants
Well Played: Gamifying Health & Wellness
Commercial and non-commercial operators need engaging solutions that serve up informative and entertaining health and wellness content. Discover how gamification builds awareness and guest engagement and what technical and strategic considerations should be top of mind when creating and implementing games.
Jim Matorin, Business Catalyst, SMARTKETING
Lisa Eberhart, Director of Nutrition and Wellness, North Carolina State University
Under the Hood: The Mechanics of Social Media
Knowing what’s going on "under the hood" of social media marketing efforts makes a huge difference when it comes to the success of social campaigns. Learn practical steps for unlocking the full potential of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and video. Focusing on the topic of actionable moves businesses can immediately implement, speakers talk about how to turn social followers into loyal diners.
Joshua Swanson, Marketing Strategist & Consultant, Lettuce Entertain You / Consultant
Food & Nutrition: 
Culinology® and the Restaurateur 
Culinology® is a new term, but the practice of blending culinary arts with food science has been around for centuries. Chefs rely on Culinology® principles to develop consistently great tasting food that is also safe, nutritious and profitable. Hear how R&D chefs daily tap into their food, art, and science skills for powerful product development. 
Charles Hayes, Immediate Past President, Research Chefs Association
Stan Frankenthaler, Chief Officer of Food, Beverage and Strategic Supply, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.
Nevielle Panthaky, Vice President Culinary, PF Changs
Clare Wilson, Senior Manager of Fresh Food Innovation, 7-Eleven
Emerging Trends: How Fast Food is Disrupting the Way America Eats
The QSR space has experienced tremendous evolution and growth recently thanks to several companies upending consumers’ preconceived notions of what fast food means and delivers in terms of quality and service. This session will shed light on the trends that will continue to push the boundaries for fast food in the coming years.
Aaron Noveshen, Founder, The Culinary Edge
Food as it Should be: Trust and Transparency
Talking transparency in foodservice and implementing it are two very different things. This session will guide attendees through the journey to building a more honest, straightforward relationship with guests by way of clean ingredients, clear menu labeling, and getting cross-functional partners on board.
Sara Burnett, Director Wellness and Food Policy, Panera, LLC
Dan Kish, Head Chef and SVP Food, Panera LLC
Ken Koziol, SVP Supply Chain, Panera LLC
Jonathan Yohannan, Director, Public Relations and CSR, Panera LLC
Sensible Strategies For Clean Menus
As consumer trends shift toward health-conscious and sustainable eating, integrating a clean and nutritious menu strategy is increasingly important. Whether introducing new balanced options or cleaning up items that are already on the menu, learn how to seamlessly make the move toward a cleaner and healthier menu.
Paul Trotti, Director of Menu Strategy, Chick-fil-A
Menus 2016: Turning Trends into Money Makers
There’s been an unprecedented shift in diners’ expectations toward menus, ingredients, and transparency. These attitudes and appetites impact menu R&D across all segments. This fast-paced overview will cover top trends alongside examples of prep and presentation techniques that will guarantee a connection with customers.
Nancy Kruse, President, The Kruse Company
Menu Development: Translating Top Trends
Top trends drive menu innovation, but how do attendees add hot menu items in a way that feels natural to their business? This in-depth look at emerging foodservice trends for 2016 will guide guests through rationalization of trends, tips on ideation, and how to measure consumer reaction to new menu items to inform future additions.
John Csukor, President-CEO/CMO, KOR Food Innovation
Safe Serving: Handling Celiac Disease and Other Allergies
For those with celiac disease and other food allergies, menu items that claim to be allergy-friendly have to deliver on that promise. Learn about risk management, tactics for improved transparency, and how to translate regulatory guidelines into trustworthy meal preparation and menu disclaimers. 
Beckee Moreland, Director of GREAT Kitchens Program, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
Carlyn Berghoff, Chief Exec. Officer, Berghoff Catering and Restaurant Group
Laurel Francoeur, Francoeur Law Office
Jennifer Jobrack, Sr. National Director of Advocacy, Food Allergy Research & Education
The Art and Science of Cooking With Cannabis
Now is the time to demystify cannabis in the kitchen. Cooking with cannabis requires a keen understanding of how it differs from other culinary herbs. Learn how to get started, pair cannabis with foods for sophisticated flavor infusions, and navigate the retail market.
Robyn Lawrence, Writer, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook
Why Global Food Safety Initiative Matters
GFSI brings together food safety professionals from around the world to identify food safety management best practices. Explore the steps needed to become certified and understand how obtaining certification to a GFSI standard can help operations meet and exceed FSMA requirements.
Karil Kochenderfer, North American Representative, Global Food Safety Initiative
Sustainability & Social Responsibility:
Farm vs. Wild: The Fight for Better Fish
Responsibly sourced seafood is turning into a hot issue that can catch up with an operator if not knowledgeable. Learn more about fish labeling fraud, seafood farming’s environmental impact, and the truth about how eco-friendly wild-caught and farmed seafood really are.
Jeff Clark, Conserve Program Director, National Restaurant Association
Favorite Five: Expert Advice on Getting Started with Sustainability
Behind every successful restaurateur or business owner is a strong, successful sustainability story. Hear expert tips and suggestions for starting a sustainability journey. Learn five action-oriented, tried-and-true efficiency steps that can begin implementing in operations the right away.
Andrew Shakman, President, CEO, LeanPath, Inc.
Richard Young, Director of Education, PG&E Food Service Technology Center
Giving Back: How Engaged Employees Become Advocates
Cause-based marketing comes from all sources in today’s digital and social world-and staffers could be the best advocates for a passion project and in turn create a stronger work culture. Hear from leading industry executives how supporting a cause has transformed their culture while driving strong business results.
Diana Hovey, Senior Director, Share Our Strength
Scott Boatwright, Senior VP, Operations, Arby’s
Eric Greenwald, President, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Bill Spae, CEO, Vasari LLC
How Sustainability Spells Success
Customers don’t always see the halo effect associated with sustainability. Rather, they view the claim as monotonous or grungy. Learn tips, tricks, and strategies to elevate the guest experience while reducing an operation’s impact on the environment to become certified green-which translates into a stronger marketing story customers will trust.
Jeff Clark, Conserve Program Director, National Restaurant Association
Courtney Lindberg, Supervisor, Environmental Sustainability Division, City of Ventura
Tyler Pronyk, Director, Distribution, Equipment & Packaging, A&W
Sustainable Agriculture: Macro Returns from Micro Products
Through the loss of the family farm, Lee Jones dug into redefining sustainable agriculture in a way that reaped macro returns on micro products. Learn how blending sustainability with economic viability and environmental stewardship creates a recipe for socially responsible success.
Farmer Lee Jones, Farmer, The Chef’s Garden
What’s Your Beef?: Eco-Protein Trends Explained
Sustainably-sourced protein is all the rage. From grass-fed beef to antibiotic-free chicken, consumers care more about where their food comes from and what’s in it. Learn how supply chain choices affect the environmental and how to save money by appealing to customers’ eco-consciousness.
Laura Abshire, Director, Sustainability Policy, Policy and Government Affairs, National Restaurant Association
Michael Berger, Founding Partner and the VP of Supply Chain, Elevation Franchise Ventures, LLC
Cybersecurity 101
Delve into NRA’s newly-released Cybersecurity 101: A Toolkit for Restaurant Operators and its five core phases for implementing an enterprise-wide cybersecurity program that reflects the most pressing issues operators face when developing protection plans. Learn about data breaches, protection best practices, and more from industry experts.
Laura Chadwick, Director, Commerce & Entrepreneurship, National Restaurant Association
On The Rise: Cinnabon’s Progressive POS
Point of sale (POS) is the central nervous system of many businesses, including restaurants and quick-serve establishments. A secure POS experience is critical for protecting consumer data during transactions and beyond. Learn how Cinnabon’s cutting edge POS has grown acquisition and retention along with improving the employee experience. 
Joe Guith, President, Cinnabon
Safe Swiping: Tokenization & Encryption for Payment Protection
Data breaches are a constant threat to operators and selecting the safest payment protection methods can be confusing. This session will help attendees understand encryption, tokenization, and how variable card brand fines and state laws can lead to different outcomes in the restaurant environment.
Laura Chadwick, Director, Commerce & Entrepreneurship, National Restaurant Association
Swipe, Tap, Share: Meet the Smart Restaurant
In today’s connected era, restaurant concepts are utilizing sophisticated technology to enhance the hospitality experience and provide benefits to both guests and operators. This panel will review the next generation of tech that chains are using to reinvent the dining experience and define the smart restaurant of the future.
Kristina Jorge, Account Director, ICR
Austen Mulinder, Chief Executive Officer, Ziosk
Tech that Teaches: Lessons in E-Learning
Technology goes beyond the customer experience in foodservice-it is a great training tool for operators, too. Hear how members of CHART, the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers, have evolved training programs to lean on tech to create richer experiences that motivate staff and a more modern workplace that reflects the tech-savvy world of today. 
Donna Herbel, Lead Director, Training and Development, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC
Gabe Hosler, Director, Training & Ops, Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc.
Michele Lange, Director of Training & Development, The Habit Burger Grill
Jason Lyon, CEO, The Common Man Family of Restaurants
Turning Big Data into Powerful Insights
Operators wade through a sea of data, but utilizing it to build effective analytics and reports isn’t easy. Learn how Dickey’s Barbecue has built a robust analytics and reporting tool from conception to execution, including considerations for most important data types, how to tell a meaningful story, and interpreting data in practical ways that informs optimization.
Laura Dickey, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.
BAR (Beverage Alcohol for Restaurants):
Signature Beverages: Collaborations for Wine, Beer, and Spirits
The beverage industry is a boom of chef-driven collaborations. Signature blends, brews, and spirits elevate menus. Chefs and restaurant owners discuss how they partner with breweries, wineries, and distilleries to create distinct, exclusive concoctions that build buzz and excitement.
Connie Gentry, Editor, FSR magazine, Food News Media

The National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® is the largest annual gathering of restaurant, foodservice, and lodging professionals in the world. NRA Show® 2016 will be held May 21-24 at McCormick Place in Chicago, and the 2016 BAR at NRA Show Event, held in conjunction with NRA Show, will take place May 22-23. The events attract 66,000+ attendees and visitors from all 50 states and 100+ countries, and showcase the latest products, services, innovative ideas, up-to-the-minute information about trends and issues, and growth opportunities. For more information, visit the NRA Show and BAR websites at Restaurant.org/Show and Restaurant.org/BAR and find the NRA Show on Twitter @NRAShowFacebook, Instagram @NRAShowYouTubeFlickrPinterest and our year-round content hub Brainfeed.

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