January 16, 2020

Restaurant Industry Lauds Senate Action on USMCA

Washington, D.C. — The National Restaurant Association today praised Congress and the Trump Administration for passing the new post-NAFTA trade framework known as “USMCA.” 

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), as approved by the Senate earlier today, keeps in place many of the favorable measures from the earlier North American Free Trade Agreement, and is projected to boost U.S. trade with Mexico and Canada by approximately 5 percent and increase GDP as well as lead to the creation of more than 176,000 jobs.
For the restaurant industry, the agreement will maintain zero tariffs for food and agricultural products under the previous agreement, and also provide increased market access and certainty for products and commodities used throughout the restaurant and foodservice industry. The industry relies on affordable and quality products that trade with our closest neighbors makes possible.
In reaction, the Association Executive Vice President of Public Affairs Sean Kennedy released the following statement:
“Enacting USMCA is a victory for America’s one million restaurants and their 15 million employees. Delivering the tastes, innovations, quality and value for which they are known means ensuring a steady and predictable global supply chain.
“USMCA will strengthen critical trade ties with our closest neighbors and trading partners, Canada and Mexico, and will help ensure certainty and stability in the supply chain along with manageable costs for restaurants and consumers.
“The National Restaurant Association and our members are grateful to the U.S. Senate, the Administration and leaders from both parties for their cooperation and leadership on this important issue.” 

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