October 27, 2020

National Restaurant Association Statement on Congressional Recess Without Recovery Deal

Washington, D.C. – National Restaurant Association Executive Vice President of Public Affairs Sean Kennedy today released the following statement on Congress recessing without any recovery deal:

“Today, the future for restaurants across the country is a lot more uncertain because Congress has walked away without passing the relief needed to survive the winter.

“Between now and when Congress returns to Washington after the election, restaurants will close, putting people out of work, damaging local economies, and discouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship that drives the industry.

“If Congress and the Administration are unable to come together on a large-scale deal that includes the Senate version of the RESTAURANTS Act, then they must focus on the art of the possible. There are options on the table with bi-partisan support which would provide short-term solutions for restaurants most at risk. A second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) eligibility, expansion of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), and correction of the tax deductibility with PPP loan forgiveness would help restaurants survive until an industry-specific solution can be agreed on. These options should be at the top of the list when Congress returns for the lame duck session.

“The restaurant industry is far from stable. Virtually every kind of restaurant is suffering: the corner diner, the independents, the individual owners of full-service restaurant chains. In September, 32 states lost restaurant jobs and in a recent survey, 40 percent of operators said they are unlikely to still be in business in the spring without additional relief from the federal government.

“We know that Congress and the Administration understand the challenges facing our industry, which is why they must work with us to prioritize passing legislation before the end of the year.”


About the National Restaurant Association

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