June 04, 2018

Association launches ServSafe Workplace

Free sexual harassment prevention webinars included

The National Restaurant Association announced it will add a new element to the ServSafe program, ServSafe Workplace, which will offer training programs focused on creating and sustaining a positive work environment for the restaurant and hospitality industries.  ServSafe Workplace is being unveiled with multiple webinars on preventing sexual harassment that will be available to the entire industry, at no charge, during the summer months. 

Dawn Sweeney, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association said, “We condemn sexual harassment. Period. Tipped, hourly, and salary workers all deserve the same level of respect and support. It does not matter if the harasser is a customer, a colleague or a manager, it will not be tolerated. Our industry – like so many others – is confronting this challenge as our collective awareness has increased about this problem in society.  ServSafe Workplace is designed to help prevent and respond to this behavior in the workplace.”    

The new platform will focus on the mitigation and management of issues associated with the work and safety of employees, in both restaurants and hospitality.

“ServSafe Workplace is poised to become a comprehensive suite of training programs that equips employees and managers with the information they need to help manage emerging risks and advance the positive culture of the foodservice and hospitality industries.  This new product line focuses on mitigation and management of issues associated with the work and safety of employees and should strengthen every establishment’s stance against harassment in the workplace,” said Sherman Brown, Executive Vice President of Training and Certification, at the National Restaurant Association.

In partnership with the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance, ServSafe Workplace will also be expanded to include training to help managers and their teams identify and manage unconscious bias in the workplace later this year.

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