Tactics to Avoid Wasting Your Sustainable Seafood

In the fourth video in the series Get Hooked on Sourcing Sustainable Seafood, chef and author Barton Seaver provides strategies for sustainable seafood usage that can lower costs, increase sustainability metrics, and keep guests happy.

Sustainably sourced seafood is a hot trend and in high demand by restaurant diners, according to National Restaurant Association research. To make selecting and sourcing sustainable seafood easier for chefs and restaurant owners, the National Restaurant Association created the Get Hooked on Sourcing Sustainable Seafood guide and videos featuring Barton Seaver, one of the world’s leading sustainable seafood experts and educators.

The video series, Get Hooked on Sourcing Sustainable Seafood, was created by the National Restaurant Association in partnership with US Foods.


Get hooked on sourcing sustainable seafood

Seafood continues to play a starring role on restaurant menus. Today’s customers are ready to try a variety of species and new preparations, but they’re also more interested than ever about where their seafood comes from.

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive guide to sourcing sustainable seafood. It provides you with the right questions to ask your suppliers and the resources you need to start sourcing responsibly, a commitment you and your suppliers can make together.