Benchmarking, goal-setting and speaking fishmonger

Chef Seaver walks you through the initial steps on the journey toward serving more sustainable seafood. Step one is benchmarking where your menu currently stands in terms of sustainable seafood offerings. Your supplier should be your partner and lead resource, providing reports on what you’ve historically ordered to set the benchmark. Together you can start to gradually improve your seafood menu profile to reach the sustainability goals you set.

Get hooked on sourcing sustainable seafood

Seafood continues to play a starring role on restaurant menus. Today’s customers are ready to try a variety of species and new preparations, but they’re also more interested than ever about where their seafood comes from.

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive guide to sourcing sustainable seafood. It provides you with the right questions to ask your suppliers and the resources you need to start sourcing responsibly, a commitment you and your suppliers can make together.