National Food Safety Month Webinar Series - Dos & Don’ts of Virtual Restaurant Inspections

Sep 16, 2020

Duration: 49 minutes


The Commonwealth of Virginia, among other states, moved to 100% virtual inspections, requiring restaurateurs to carry their smartphones around the restaurant for the inspector. This creates a new form of engagement and starts a different conversation around food safety and how to improve the culture of safety in the operation. While virtual restaurant inspections initially sound feasible, there may be serious legal complications and business risks in letting a third party record and store video of your back-of-house operations.

For example:

  • Has everyone recorded signed waivers?
  • How is the digital recording being stored and shared?
  • Have you removed any business-sensitive information from view (e.g., secret BBQ recipes, monthly sales charts)? Hear from industry experts as they walk you through this new process and its ramifications.


Sandra Long
Environmental Health Manager
Town of Addison Texas