Fast Casual Industry Council: Women Leaders on Pandemic Lessons Learned & Post-Pandemic Plans

Jun 30, 2021

Duration: 1 hour


The past 15 months turned our industry upside down affecting operations, the supply chain, the workforce, and home/work life. Emily Williams Knight, the Association’s CCO & EVP Industry Relations hosts three fast-casual brand leaders as they share how they and their teams handled the unexpected challenges caused by COVID-19, lessons they learned in navigating those challenges, and what they think we need to do to adapt our businesses to meet consumer and employee needs in the post-pandemic world.


Emily Williams Knight
Ed.D., Chief Collaboration Officer & EVP Industry Relations
National Restaurant Association



Carin Stutz
President & CEO
Native Foods

Meg Rose
SVP of Field Operations
Firehouse Subs

Amy Hom
VP of Operations