Navigating Current Threats to the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry During COVID

Nov 10, 2020

Duration: 43 minutes


Haris Shawl is one of the leaders of Ernst & Young’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practice which is focused on collecting intelligence on threat actor tactic/attack tools, infrastructure, victimology, and attribution as well as incorporating our client’s methods to counter these ever-changing threats. The EY-led session on cybersecurity will present current threat intelligence reports, data, and threat actor behavior that is specific to the restaurant/hospitality industry and has been observed within the current work-from-home environment. Proposed topics to be included within the materials are as follows:

  • Current ransomware trends
  • E-commerce threats
  • Future risks to the restaurant/hospitality sector: cloud data exposures and risks associated with application development

The threat intelligence summaries will be presented both from a technical perspective as well as the potential business implications if the identified threats are exploited.


Haris ShawlHaris Shawl
Senior Manager, Cyber Threat Management