Animal Protein Sustainability: Separating Fact from Fiction

Oct 7, 2020

Duration: 54 minutes


The sustainability of animal protein has generated substantial attention in recent years and with that comes mixed messages, misinformation and consumer confusion. As restaurants look to provide the products that consumers demand, this webinar will discuss the variety of sustainability claims made about animal protein, what’s fact vs fiction and detail the ongoing sustainability efforts within the industry to continuously improve practices and earn consumer trust, as well as the role restaurants can play to boost sustainability within the animal protein industry.

Key Takeaways: There is substantial sustainability work underway in the animal protein industry that restaurants can play an active role in shaping. Sustainability in the meat industry covers several different key pillar areas including environmental impact, animal welfare, food safety, health and wellness and labor and human rights. There are many resources available to assist restaurants in addressing the many claims made about the environmental impacts of animal protein production.



Kim Stackhouse
Director of Sustainability

Eric Mittenthal
Vice President of Sustainability
North American Meat Institute (NAMI)