September 07, 2021

Reduce pathogens by sanitizing surfaces

Do you know how often you need to clean, say, a frozen yogurt machine? A number of soldiers and their family members at a military base in the U.S. became ill when they ate yogurt from a cleaned, but not sanitized, machine.

This week’s National Food Safety Month post examines this cautionary tale and shows how it could have been avoided.

You clean surfaces constantly. You clean dishes after every use. You clean pots and pans throughout the day. But what’s your schedule for something like a frozen yogurt machine? More importantly, how often do you sanitize it?

Cleaning removes food and soil from a surface, sanitizing reduces foodborne-illness-causing pathogens (like bacteria) to safe levels on surfaces. Your crews need to both clean and sanitize equipment. Read the full post at Food Safety Focus about how cleaning and sanitizing make all the difference and download a free poster and activity sheet.