April 23, 2020

New restaurant relief grassroots effort needs your support

No other industry has been hit harder by the coronavirus than restaurants. A recent nationwide survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association found that:

  • 8 million restaurant employees have already been laid off or furloughed; that’s two out of three restaurant employees
  • 4 out of 10 restaurants have closed their doors, some with no hope of reopening
  • More than 60% of restaurant owners say that existing federal relief — including provisions in the CARES Act — will not allow them to keep employees on payroll throughout the downturn

The impact of the coronavirus on the restaurant industry is devastating.

Our industry, the second largest private sector in the nation, contributes to our economy with sales that exceed the agriculture, airline, railroad, ground transportation, and spectator sports industries combined. Yet, restaurants will be one of the slowest industries to bounce back from the effects of this pandemic.

The National Restaurant Association has prepared a “Blueprint for Recovery” that outlines how Congress can improve the industry’s chances for survival.

Centered around a $240 billion Restaurant and Foodservice Industry Recovery Fund, this plan would provide dedicated government funding, tax credits, and much more to help restaurants prepare for current and future challenges as they recover.

Please take a few moments and contact your Representative and Senators — tell them that restaurants, employees, and consumers need Congress to act on the “Blueprint for Recovery,” so that your restaurant can survive the long road to recovery.