August 31, 2020

National Food Safety Month resonates with restaurants during COVID-19

ServSafe, the National Restaurant Association’s food safety training and certification program, is set to boost food safety training and risk management with a robust education campaign through National Food Safety Month. This year marks the ServSafe Food Safety Training program’s 30th anniversary.

As the country continues to battle COVID-19, ensuring that proper safety protocols are in place at your restaurant has never been more important — for your guests, employees and brand.

Beginning Sept. 1, ServSafe will offer best practices and educational tools to help operators and their employees keep their restaurants, the public, and themselves healthy.

This year’s campaign, “Managing Risk: 30 Years of Food Safety,” will focus on best practices for a safe dining experience and is essential as the industry does all it can to keep its restaurants clean and sanitized, and employees educated about how they can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

National Food Safety Month will take place over a 5-week period. Each week will focus on a single topic, presented by a designated “employee of the week.” Along with tips, activity/answer-sheet handouts will be available for download to share with employees.

Weekly topics are:

Week 1, Personal Hygiene: “Holly” will emphasize the importance of personal hygiene and offer tips for restaurant staff members to follow to keep everyone healthy.

Week 2, Cleaning and Sanitizing: “Sandra” will share tips on how to properly clean and sanitize your facility and equipment.

Week 3, Safe Food Preparation: “Pryce” will share information on safe food preparation and food-safety procedures. This will include how and where cross-contamination can occur and how you can prevent it.

Week 4, Food Safety Procedures: “Frank” will explain how foodborne illness happens and offer tips on everything from how to receive and store food correctly to how to cook and hold food at the correct temperatures.

Week 5, COVID-19 Safety Procedures: “Coretta” will help employees understand COVID-19 safety procedures as well as how their actions could help ensure the safety of guests and co-workers.