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Kids LiveWell Whitepaper
October 26, 2021
Kids LiveWell Getting Started Guide
October 26, 2021

Welcome to Kids LiveWellâ„ 

The National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell (KLW) program makes it easy for you to offer and promote better-for-you meals to parents and children dining at your restaurants.

By joining, your brand commits to offering meals, sides and beverage options that meet the latest nutrition criteria established by registered dietitians in collaboration with public health and consumer advocates.

The science behind the program, updated to KLW2.0, can be downloaded here, in the KLW white paper. 

The Association is ready to help you promote delicious, better-for-you meal options for your youngest guests. KLW menu options meet added sugar, sodium, fat, and calorie thresholds and are prepared to make both parents and children happy

Interested in joining Kids LiveWell?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Send an email to KidsLiveWell@restaurant.org to get started. The Association’s professional dietitian consultants, Food Directions, will contact you to go through next steps.

2. Be ready to gather nutrition information on your menu items from your suppliers (you’ll need calories, sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and added sugar information) and submit it to Food Directions via an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Work with Food Directions to:

  • Tweak menu items as needed to KLW-certify 2 meals and 2 sides options
  • Adhere to the default beverage policy

4. After certification, you’ll need to review and sign a short release form, which grants you access to our KLW social media toolkit! This allows you to post KLW logos on your menus, promote your KLW participation on social media, and lets your customers know about your commitment to kids’ nutrition. 

You’ll need to make sure your KLW nutrition information is available upon request. 

Food Directions’ certification process can take a few weeks to finalize, depending on your menu items.

The best part: Participation in KLW is FREE!

In addition to committing to offer better-for-you meal options for kids, your brands will …

  • Benefit from publicity about your brand and KLW by the Association, nutrition organizations, and the media.
  • Be part of a community of operators making the effort to offer better-for-you menu options to children.
  • Gain access to the icon that identifies certified KLW choices on menus, on social media and in promotional materials.

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