The Restaurant Advocacy Fund promotes the restaurant industry's policy interests. Although the industry is a powerful economic force, legislators and special interest groups introduce each year dozens of bills and regulations that could hurt restaurants' ability to remain in business. Contribute now.                  


We aim to build a powerful advocacy arm at the federal and state levels Whatever the issue, we want the Restaurant Advocacy Fund positioned to win the legislative battle.

The Restaurant Advocacy Fund relies on contributions from those who work within and are associated with the restaurant industry. Donating to the Restaurant Advocacy Fund helps us retain the leadership and financial resources to influence the public policy process. With your financial support, we cab work more effectively to promote positive change for restaurants and they people they serve.


Created in 1996, the Save American Free Enterprise fund raised nearly $7 million to protect the restaurant industry from dozens of anti-restaurant proposals, such as wage and paid-leave mandates. The funding helped elevate the industry’s position on food safety, sodium reduction, menu labeling, and the Employee Free Choice Act.

Building on that success, the Restaurant Advocacy Fund was created in 2011 finance advocacy and issue campaigns on legislative and regulatory issues important to restaurants of all sizes and regions. The Restaurant Advocacy Fund supports restaurants’ interests, in cooperation with the National Restaurant Association, state restaurant associations, independent and multi-unit restaurateurs, and other partners.


Each time an interest group or a legislator proposes a new mandate or a new tax, it has the potential hit hard. Restaurants must engage rapidly -- which is why the Restaurant Advocacy Fund exists. We provide education, expert resources and financial support to coalitions and partnerships at the national level. Working closely with state restaurant associations, funds prevent new laws and regulations from being enacted without industry input at the state and local level.


Our agenda covers labor, health care, union organizing, credit card interchange “swipe” fees, menu labeling, sodium restrictions, estate tax repeal, restaurant depreciation and immigration. With so many matters critical to the industry's survival, we need financial backing to make sure we identify solutions in a timely manner.

Help protect America’s restaurants.  Donate to the Restaurant Advocacy Fund

The Restaurant Advocacy Fund accepts personal and corporate contributions. The National Restaurant Association collects and administers the funds. The Restaurant Advocacy Fund is the restaurant industry’s primary fundraising platform for current and emerging public affairs issues.

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