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Episode 67
October 11, 2022

How Natural Disasters Impact Restaurant Operations

Guest Speakers:
  • Larry Sigler
This week on Order Up, Karly is joined by Larry Sigler, Director of Food Safety for Waffle House, to discuss the brand’s reputation as a resource for communities during natural disasters and how to approach storm preparation. In this episode, learn how Waffle House anticipates the impact of the storm, how they support their team members in those communities, and the benefits of trusting decisions to be made out in the field.

(1:26) – Introducing Larry Sigler
(2:55) – Waffle House Index
(5:43) – Facing disaster
7:58) – Preparation and tracking hurricanes
(9:56) – Equipment and partnerships with vendors
(10:30) – Communication strategies
(11:31) – Support of jump teams

Waffle House’s disaster readiness and response highlighted in the news: WHIO-TV, Action News Jax, and The Wall Street Journal. Visit The National Restaurant Association’s Always Ready: Natural Disasters guide to learn more.

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For those looking for more resources and ways to help: This podcast is intended for general informational purposes and is not intended to provide any listener with legal or medical advice. The views expressed in this podcast are solely those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the National Restaurant Association (Association) and its affiliates. The Association does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or suitability of any information offered, and the listener is encouraged to do their own research and consider the applicability and suitability of the information provided for their own individual circumstances. Given the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic, guidance may change as our understanding of unique challenges that COVID-19 poses within each country, state, and locality evolves.

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