(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – National Restaurant Association Executive Vice President of Public Affairs Sean Kennedy today released the following statement regarding passage of H.R. 582:

“Thousands of restaurant industry employees, leaders and community members have called and emailed Congress to share their concerns about how H.R. 582 would cripple small- and family-owned businesses.  They have explained that the wage hike is a job killer in their communities, and that eliminating the tip credit, overwhelmingly supported by employees, would cut pay that right now averages $19-25 per hour.

“H.R. 582 is the wrong wage at the wrong time, implemented in the wrong way, and, as the Congressional Budget Office noted in its nonpartisan analysis, the bill could end up having the unintended consequence of eliminating up to 3.7 million jobs.

“Our industry’s 15 million employees are our greatest asset and we support a commonsense approach to minimum wage that would benefit employees and ensure that restaurants remain part of the fabric of their communities.”

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