Carl Segal
Former CEO, Rōti Modern Mediterranean

Sept, 20  2019

This week on Fast Casual Insider, Jerry sits down with Carl Segal, former CEO of Rōti Modern Mediterranean. Carl has spent his entire working life in the restaurant industry and is a veteran of several restaurants with meteoric growth. He shares with us the challenge of getting customers to try new, unfamiliar flavors, the importance of transparency when it comes to food sourcing and how Roti is embracing technological change by giving customers more ordering options.  

  • [01:22] – Introducing Carl Segal, former CEO of Rōti Modern Mediterranean

  • [06:30] – The restaurant itch

  • [09:31] – How time at Potbelly really helped Carl hone his leadership skills

  • [11:11] –  Vision for Roti

  • [15:02] – Maintaining transparency with customers about food sourcing

  • [20:27] – Getting the word out about uncommon cuisine

  • [28:09] – The importance of focusing on your people

  • [33:13] – How Roti is employing creative solutions to grow the business

  • [36:06] – Is the restaurant as we know it in jeopardy of extinction?

  • [41:57] – How Roti is changing in the digital space

  • [45:47] – What keeps Carl up at night  

Carl Segal is the former CEO of Rōti Modern Mediterranean. Prior to joining Roti’s executive team, he worked at Potbelly Sandwich Works for almost 16 years and oversaw the brand’s expansion.

Our host, Jerry White, has worked in operations, in foodservice distribution, and then in media sales, holding top sales and management positions with several leading food media companies during the past 35+ years. Jerry joined the team at Plate magazine in early 2010 as associate publisher, and continues in that role providing solutions and opportunities for manufacturers and organizations as they anticipate tomorrow’s industry challenges.  

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