The rollercoaster ride of health care news can be tough to follow: Affordable Care Act challenges, court battles, new federal regulatory initiatives, and association health plans. Where are the biggest opportunities for restaurant operators? And how do we anticipate the biggest threats for the industry? 

Why does the National Restaurant Association care so much about health care in the restaurant and hospitality industry?

  • The good: With a culture of wellness, employees are easier to recruit and retain when offered competitive benefits. The rate of restaurant employees with health insurance has risen almost 20 percentage points from 2010 to 2017!
  • The "brand": Organizations who provide opportunities for employee growth and economic development are community leaders.
  • The ugly: The IRS fined an employer $2,320 per full-time employee in 2018 if the employer did not offer “minimum essential coverage” to at least 95 percent of its full-time employees.

Learn more from Aaron Frazier, the Association's director of healthcare policy, about the ever-changing health care landscape.