Restaurants and other economic sectors could soon be facing costly unclaimed-property audits. The stakes are high – and restaurants face particular risks and challenges. Get an overview of what’s happening, including:

  • trends in unclaimed-property audits
  • how you can mitigate risks in your gift cards, rewards programs and payroll
  • your audit risk
  • Impact of new state legislation
  • emerging unclaimed-property issues.


Mary Jane Wilson-Bilik, Wilson Barmeyer and John Allen Zumpetta are with Eversheds Sutherland. The firm offers a multidisciplinary unclaimed property team of regulatory, litigation, technology and tax attorneys to address client needs in the context of increasingly aggressive auditors, new business models and emerging technologies. States look to unclaimed property audits as a significant source of state revenue. As state treasurers and their contingent-fee auditors aggressively interpret and enforce unclaimed property statutes, companies must proactively address their unclaimed property exposures. Eversheds Sutherland advises a wide range of industries on unclaimed property compliance, planning, audit and litigation defense.