The restaurant industry is being re-invented and re-imagined on the fly, in part, because of COVID-19. New sales and marketing channels are emerging, and new advanced technologies are being built, published and deployed that require a modern, cloud-based technology-stack. These next generation tech-stacks support new thinking for an industry in transition.

Among the game-changing technologies that will dramatically affect the restaurant industry is voice. Voice + AI enable new sales channels and power customer engagement for kiosks, mobile apps and the drive thru. There is Alexa for ordering takeout and voice agents that automate call centers, among other use cases. But, perhaps even more powerful is voice-enabling back office systems that target cost and time savings, increasing productivity and delivering efficiencies. The voice-enabled restaurant is already here today.



Michael L. Atkinson
CEO and Founder of VoiceStar.ai and Orderscape.com

Michael L. Atkinson, a pioneering investor and entrepreneur in voice technology for restaurants, will present current use cases, showcase VoiceINV™, the first, voice-enabled inventory app, share other emerging voice technologies and discuss why voice is something operators and marketers should embrace today. Voice-as-a-layer is the future for digital.