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National Restaurant Association and Restaurant Law Center in-house attorneys and labor law experts Angelo Amador and Shannon Meade host top wage-and-hour experts from Littler Mendelson's Workplace Policy Institute for a restaurant-industry briefing on the Department of Labor's new overtime proposal. DOL released the proposal March 6 and is taking comments on it through early May. Among other provisions, the DOL proposal would revise the Fair Labor Standards Act's salary threshold -- the test that determines which employees are exempt from earning overtime pay under federal law. 

Littler Mendelson's Workplace Policy Institute is a Restaurant Law Center partner. Littler's Maury Baskin was the lead attorney in a successful legal challenge to the Obama Administration's final overtime rule in 2016, and Tammy McCutchen is Littler's Compliance HR director and a former DOL wage and hour administrator.  

What you'll learn:

  • Understand DOL's revisions to the federal overtime rule, including the proposed new salary test.
  • Learn what changes the restaurant industry pushed for in the proposed rule -- and whether they got included.
  • Get answers to your compliance-related questions.
  • Learn the impact of the proposed rule on pending legal cases.
  • Understand next steps -- and how you can weigh in.


Angelo Amador, executive director, Restaurant Law Center
Shannon Meade, vice president of public policy and legal advocacy, National Restaurant Association, and deputy director, Restaurant Law Center
Maury Baskin, shareholder, Littler Mendelson
Tammy McCutchen, principal, Littler Mendelson