Emergency situations can happen anywhere, anytime. Larry Sigler, director of food safety for Waffle House Inc. explains the Waffle House Emergency Response Plan that the company uses to stay open for the community when an emergency strikes.

Sigler will:

  • Discuss why and how Waffle House does what it does during emergencies.
  • Review lessons learned about how to deal with health departments and emergency management personnel.
  • Recap the most recent storm involvement by the Waffle House team.

In addition, Sigler will provide a close look at some components of the Waffle House Storm Playbook, portions of which will be made available as a toolkit to those who attend the webinar.

About Larry Sigler

Larry Sigler is the Director of Food Safety for Waffle House where he has worked for the past 18 years. Sigler handles all aspects of food safety for the Waffle House's 2,000 restaurants and is a part of the company crisis response team during emergencies either in the office or in the field. He’s a member of CFP, NCCR Food Safety Task Force and Sani Professional Food Safety Advisory Council.