Once the damage is done, what are the best first steps to getting back into operation? What actions can you set up in advance to hit the ground running as soon as the crisis is over? Listen to expert advice about the best preparations both before and after a crisis that will help you recover quickly, including turning utilities off and on, righting the facility and equipment, ensuring food and supplies are safe, and setting up after-crisis processes (such as debris-removal and cleaning, re-ordering and restocking, inspections, testing, etc.) Having a plan in place helps expedite your return to normal operation.

  • Discover how to manage utilities (water, electric, gas, etc.) safely during a crisis
  • Learn about managing the facility, equipment and supplies (including single-service articles)
  • Determine how to evaluate the safety of the food affected by the crisis
  • Explore the critical steps in an effective crisis response plan


  • Jeff Strout, President, Public Health Solutions, Inc.