When disaster hits, emotions run high. Understanding how people deal with a crisis will help your organization establish the most effective plans of action to get them through it safely. Learn how to assemble a crisis team and train them to respond to events clearly, calmly and safely. The end goal is a safe, quick return to normal operations.

  • Hear how crisis events are typically managed
  • Learn about the steps to take in creating a crisis plan
  • Determine how to structure your team to effectively deal with the local response agencies
  • Explore which actions you need to cover in a crisis plan and how to get your plan approved by health officials in advance
  • Identify actions to take during a crisis to protect people, product, resources, and reputation

This webinar is produced in partnership with the National Restaurant Association's Human Resources &  Risk and Safety Executive Study Group.


  • Jeff Strout, President, Public Health Solutions, Inc.