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Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - All times in CST

11:00 - 11:15 AM
Welcome & Introduction
11:15 - 12:15 PM
Restaurant Industry’s Road to Recovery: A Data Overview – Hudson Riehle, SVP of Research and Knowledge, National Restaurant Association

Restaurant Industry 2020 & Beyond: Where is the restaurant industry headed as the pandemic continues and afterwards? Get the latest data on current and upcoming trends reshaping our industry and segments - in sales, technology, food & beverage, and product delivery – as well insights critical to your decision making.
Learning Objectives:
  • Examining the size and scope of the restaurant industry during the pandemic as well as understanding the road to recovery on a national/regional basis
  • Identify top trends for consumers, operators, workforce, economy, technology, off-premises, operations and food/beverage
  • Highlights of the Association's Restaurant Industry 2030 Report

​FOS: Specialized Knowledge
CPE: 1
Program Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced prepartion: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet

12:15 - 12:30 PM
12:30 - 1:30 PM
Managing Through Uncertainty - John Barker, President & CEO, Ohio Restaurant Association, Mike Whatley, VP State & Local Affairs and Aaron Frazier, Director of Healthcare & Tax Policy, National Restaurant Association

During COVID-19, operators have needed to adapt and change on a weekly basis to survive. Hear from National Restaurant Association staff and operators about the current landscape of government proposals to assist the industry as well as best practices that operators are taking to stay versatile and adapt during the ongoing uncertainty.
Learning Objectives:
  • Review and identify our latest legislative update
  • Review and identify the latest regulatory update
  • Recognize business objectives when working with state and local governments

​FOS: Management Services
CPE: 1
Program Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet

1:30 - 1:45 PM
1:45 - 2:45 PM
CFO Panel. Moderator: Mike Gottlieb, Global Leader, Restaurant Practice, Ernst & Young, LLP. Panelists: Matt Clark, The Cheesecake Factory - Roland Wood, Grimaldi’s - Steve L. Pattison, RSI - Burger King® System Independent Purchasing & Distribution Co-op

CFO Panel discussion of COVID-19 Pandemic impact on restaurant industry focusing on digital in maximizing the customer's experience, workforce, supply chain and future expectations.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify Digital trends to maximize sales
  • Identify workforce considerations
  • Ascertain supply chain considerations

​FOS: Production
CPE: 1
Program Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet

2:45 - 3:00 PM
3:00 - 4:30 PM
Tax Roundtable session led by Michelle Schapiro, Tax Director for Cheesecake Factory

This closed session — for Operators only — is an open forum opportunity. Please come with your questions.
Join your peers in a closed session for lively conversations surrounding key issues in the restaurant industry that impact finance, tax and internal auditors. This forum is the place to network and share ideas, tips and tricks, audit tactics and more.
Learning Objectives:
  • Determine opportunities to take advantage of from the recently enacted CARES Act
  • Identify and implement best practices to audit resolutions
  • Recognize how other restaurant tax executives are coping with recently enacted state legislation (Wayfair)
FOS: Taxes
CPE: 1.5
Program level: Beginner
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet
Finance Roundtable session led by Laura Sheinin, Chief Financial Officer, Slatebridge Restaurant Group

This closed session — for Operators only — is an open forum opportunity. Please come with your questions.

The challenges of this year motivate us to be our best, and we think they’re worth sharing. Find out how other restaurant finance executives are navigating the challenges of 2020. This is an interactive roundtable to ask and answer questions with your peers. Come prepared with questions and to provide your experiences and best practices.
Learning objectives:
  • Define the challenges of COVID-19 on restaurant Finance operations
  • Determine restaurant finance best practices for navigating the challenges of COVID-19
  • Identify tools to help restaurant finance overcome the challenges of COVID-19
FOS: Finance
CPE: 1.5
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet
Internal Audit Roundtable Session led by Kate Sawyer, Manager of Internal Audit, Cheesecake Factory

This closed session — for Operators only — is an open forum opportunity. Please come with your questions.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify ways in which your job or focus has shifted due to COVID-19
  • Identify staffing issues including current and future headcount needs during COVID-19
  • Identify third party delivery issues

​FOS: Specialized knowledge
CPE: 1.5
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet


Internal Audit Roundtable Session: directors and above, led by Dennis Kreta, Director of Internal Audit, Rubio’s Restaurants

This closed session — for Operators only — is an open forum opportunity. Please come with your questions.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify important issues with other senior internal audit colleagues in the industry

​FOS: Auditing
CPE: 1.5
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet


4:30 - 4:35 PM
Key learnings for the day & Closing



Thursday, October 1, 2020 - All times in CST


11:00 - 11:05 AM
Welcome & Housekeeping
11:05 - 12:00 PM
Virtual Kitchen Business Models Moderated Panel. Moderator: Anna Tauzin, Chief Revenue & Innovation Officer, Texas Restaurant Association. Panelist: Jen Henriksen, Kitchen United - Kirk Mauriello, Virturant - Pedro Mora, Fajitas Pete's - Philip Speer, Comedor.

Operating a kitchen without a dining room isn't anything new, but during the pandemic it's been lauded as a potential savior for the restaurant industry. However, there are multiple business models within this one idea. Some are built for foodies, some for the ultimate convenience, and some are all about the real estate market. Learn about these models, how they work with third party delivery companies, and whether you should partner with an existing business or do it on your own. Join these experts as they break down the "ghost" model that works for them and decide for yourself.
Learning Objectives:
  • Determine how to work best with third-party delivery companies given the current environment
  • Identify and learn about the varying models for ghost kitchens
  • Learn how to identify either the best partners to work with or how to operate this model on your own

​FOS: Specialized Knowledge
CPE: 1
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet

12:00 - 12:15 PM
12:15 - 1:15 PM
Fear, Safety, Security and a New Contactless World - Colleen McClellan, Datassential and Matt Franko, RSM.

Datassential's Colleen McClellan shares insights on consumer attitudes about safety in the age of Covid -- what they fear, how to address those concerns, and the move toward contactless payment and delivery. RSM’s Matt Franko will talk about the steps that organizations can take to protect new technologies that are being deployed.
Learning Objectives:
  • Examine what consumers deem to be safe these days
  • Identify what consumer desire from restaurants
  • Clarify what types of technology consumers have rapidly adopted

FOS: Specialized Knowledge
CPE: 1
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet​

1:15 - 1:30 PM
1:30 - 3:40 PM
For Internal Audit Attendees – Accounting Fraud & Embezzlement: Ethics Case Studies from the Trenches. Introduction by Peter Odman, Director Internal Audit, Panera Bread. Speaker: Allison McLeod, LL.M., CPA, A PLLC, Professor at University of North Texas

This seminar examines recent events involving the circumstances that allowed fraud and embezzlement to occur. Case studies we will examine include the SEC indictments of the Buca Di Beppo officers, the 2012 $54 million embezzlement from the City of Dixon by Rita Crundwell, the Baptist Foundation of Arizona, World Com, Collin Street Bakery and the Ohio American Cancer Society, among others.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the factors that create an environment for fraud to easily occur
  • Identify areas where there could be an inadvertent failure to separate duties
  • Ascertain the proper role of an external auditor and identify areas where independence can be compromised

​FOS: Ethics (regulatory)
CPE: 2
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet


1:30 - 2:30 PM
For Finance & Tax Attendees - Beth Ann Head, Jennifer Cunningham and Tammy Wise, Senior Program Analyst, National Tip Reporting Compliance, Internal Revenue Service

This session will review general employment tax structure, introduction of new Analyst, form 8027, and Notice & Demand.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify Structure of National Reporting Compliance
  • Identify Form 8027 filing requirements
  • Define Notice & Demands related to Form 4137

​FOS: Tax
CPE: 1
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet


2:30 - 2:40 PM
2:40 - 3:40 PM
For Finance & Tax Attendees - Marianna Dyson & Michael Chittenden, Payroll Tax and Fringe Benefit Developments in a COVID-19 World

This session will summarize (1) COVID-19 legislative relief provided to employers, including payroll tax credits for paid leave and employee retention, (2) Social Security tax deferrals in 2020 for both employers and employees, and their effect on tipped workers, and (3) potential opportunities to assist employees during the pandemic.
Learning Objectives:
  • Gain an understanding of how the credits for paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the employee retention credit are determined and applied on the employer’s federal payroll tax returns
  • Learn about the mechanics for claiming a deferral of the employer’s Social Security taxes and the risks associated with deferring the employee’s Social Security taxes until early 2021
  • Learn about strategies for helping employees with financial assistance in certain circumstances due to the impact of the pandemic

​FOS: Tax
CPE: 1
Program level: Beginner
Prerequisite: None
Advanced preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet


3:40 - 3:50 PM
3:50 - 4:30 PM
Closing: Presentation by On the Rocks Premium Cocktails with Rocco Milano, SVP On-Premise National Accounts




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Sheryl Ball
Tax Director
Texas Roadhouse

Sheryl Ball serves as the Tax Director for Texas Roadhouse and has many years of experience in the restaurant industry. Her areas of specialization are state tax planning and other minimization tax strategies.

John Baker
President & CEO
Ohio Restaurant Association

John Barker is President & CEO of the Ohio Restaurant Association, which represents more than 23,000 restaurants and 585,000 employees. Barker has more than 30 years of business experience with consumer-centric organizations. Since 2012 he has taught at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.
Michael Chittenden
Special Counsel
Covington & Burling, LLC.

Michael Chittenden practices in the areas of tax and employee benefits with a focus on the information reporting and withholding, payroll taxes, and fringe benefits. Mr. Chittenden advises employers on their employment tax obligations and the abatement of tax penalties.

Matt Clark
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The Cheesecake Factory

Matt Clark was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2017. Prior to this role, as SVP, Finance and Strategy he oversaw the strategy, planning, treasury and risk management functions. Earlier in his career, he held a number of finance positions at Groupe Danone, Kinkoís & The Walt Disney Company.
Marianna Dyson
Senior of Counsel
Covington & Burling LLP

Adrian Marianna Dyson practices payroll tax, fringe benefits, and information reporting, with a focus on perquisites provided to employees and directors, worker classification, tip reporting, cross-border compensation, backup withholding, information reporting, and penalty abatement.
Matt Franko
Director, Risk Consulting

Matt advises multibillion-dollar organizations across a variety of industries on matters relating to information security. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, he analyzes organizationsí cybersecurity programs and develops customized strategies to align security needs with business goals.
Aaron Frazier
Director of Healthcare & Tax Policy
National Restaurant Association

Aaron is the Director of Healthcare & Tax Policy at the National Restaurant Association. He works on restaurant policy such as the CARES Act programs, health insurance tax, association health plans, and the Affordable Care Act. He has 14 years of policy and political experience and was previous head of government affairs for First Quality Enterprises.
Mike Gottlieb
Global Leader, Restaurant Practice
Ernst & Young, LLP

Mike Gottlieb is an assurance partner & Global Leader of Ernst & Young’s Restaurant practice. Mike manages services, including assurance, advisory, real estate, transactional, workforce, and operational services, to several restaurant clients.

Jen Henriksen
VP, Business Development
Kitchen United†

Jen is a business development leader, with over 15 years in sales leadership and partner development in high-growth organizations. Strategic and innovative, Jen has driven organizational structuring, sales efficacy, and complex B2B and B2C processes.

Dennis Kreta
Internal Audit
Rubio’s Restaurants

With 18 years of experience at Rubio’s Restaurants, Dennis began as Accounting Manager and has been in the role of Internal Audit for the last 14 years. Before joining Rubio’s, he served as Accounting Manager at El Pollo Loco for 2 years, Financial Analyst at a Burger King and Tony Romas franchise for 4 years and various accounting positions within Burger King Corporation for 8 years.
Kirk Mauriello
President of Sales
Virturant Brands

Kirk Mauriello is the President of Sales for Virturant Brands & CEO of Mauriello Consulting Group. Kirk is an experienced restaurant and franchising executive who has leant his expertise to many successful concepts including Honey Jam Café and Aurelio’s Pizza, where he served as COO & Director of Franchising.

Colleen McClellan

Colleen has 19-years experience in marketing, insights, and innovation for both retail and foodservice markets. She is a Director with Datassential and leads the adult beverage division and advisory board, is a certified Sommelier, WSET III, holds a MBA in International, Business, MS in Managing Information Systems, and a BS in Neurobiology and Physiology.
Allison M. McLeod, LL.M., CPA, A PLLC
Professor, Speaker, Author

Professor McLeod is a full-time Senior Lecturer at the University of North Texas and has taught classes in Corporate Income Taxes, Multi-jurisdictional Taxation, Individual Taxes, Tax Research, Ethics and Financial Accounting. She practices law part-time with Grable Martin Fulton and teaches ethics courses as the owner of

Rocco Milano
Co-Founder and Global Brand Ambassador
On the Rocks Cocktails

Rocco Milano is known for his passion for hospitality. The Dallas-based entrepreneur has created cocktails for hospitality greats including the Mansion on Turtle Creek and Virgin America.  His dedication and expertise have garnered acclaim and resulted in awards such as the gold, silver, and bronze at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Pete Mora
CEO and Founder
Fajita Pete’s

Fajita fanatic Pedro Pete Mora is the CEO and Founder of Fajita Pete’s. After graduating from the University of Houston in 2003, Mora opened a full-service restaurant before he found a niche in delivering fresh fajitas. Fajita Pete’s first opened in 2008. He has 16 locations in Texas and 4 additional locations will open in 2020.
Steve Pattison
Chief Financial Officer
Restaurant Services, Inc.

Steve is Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President, Business Analysis and Risk Management of Restaurant Services, Inc., (RSI) located in Miami. RSI is the exclusive purchasing agent and supply chain manager for the 7300+ Burger King restaurants in North America generating annual system sales over $10 Billion.
Peter Odman
Director Internal Audit
Panera Bread

Peter Odman is the Director of Internal Audit at Panera Bread, where he has led the department for the past ten years. He began his career at KPMG and then held internal audit roles at CVS/Caremark and Deutsche Financial Services prior to joining Panera.

Hudson Riehle
SVP Research and Knowledge
National Restaurant Association

Hudson Riehle is the SVP of Research & Knowledge for the National Restaurant Association. He directs all research and oversees its extensive knowledge center. Frequently cited in the news and appearing on national television, he serves as a spokesperson for the restaurant industry.
Kate Sawyer
Manager, Internal Audit
Cheesecake Factory

Kate has been with Cheesecake Factory for 23.5 years. She started in the Payroll department as a temp, went to full time and joined the Field Accounting Support Team in 1999: doing new restaurant openings, bookkeeper support and training and hiring of new bookkeepers. In 2003, we created an audit department as a section of Field Accounting Support Team (which I was the lead) and joined the official audit department with Alan Phillips in 2009.
Michelle Schapiro
CPA, MBT, Tax Director
The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated

Michelle is the Tax Director for The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated. She began her career at Deloitte & Touche in Lead Tax. She is currently the Treasurer for Tax Executive Institute – Los Angeles Chapter and is a former president of the ONESOURCE Tax Provision Steering Committee.

Laura Sheinin
Chief Financial Officer
Slatebridge Restaurant Group, Inc.

Laura Sheinin, CPA has served as Chief Financial Officer of Slatebridge Restaurant Group, Inc. since February 2010. Her background includes 20 years of progressive accounting experience and financial leadership, including 14 years in the restaurant industry. Prior to joining the Company, she worked in public accounting doing audits and litigation consulting.
Angela Simmons
Senior Vice President, Corporate Tax
Darden Restaurants

Angela Simmons is Senior Vice President, Corporate Tax for Darden Restaurants. She responsible for leading all tax-related planning, audit, accounting, and compliance activities as well as leading Darden’s RPA (Robotics Process Automation) team.

Philip Speer
Chef and Owner

Chef Philip Speer co-owns and operates Comedor, a Mexican restaurant in Austin. Philip also serves as the restaurant’s pastry chef, alongside Chef Erales. Comedor was named among Esquire’s top new restaurants in America as well as Restaurant of the Year for Texas Monthly, Austin Monthly, and Culturemap Austin.
Anna Tauzin
Chief Revenue and Innovation Officer
Texas Restaurant Association

At the Texas Restaurant Association, Anna leads the charge on shaking things up at the 83-year-old institution. She heads up all products and services, business development, marketing, and communication and also creates new member value through unique events and education.
Mike Whatley
Vice President, State & Local Affairs
National Restaurant Association

Mike is the Vice President of State & Local Affairs at the National Restaurant Association where he advocates on behalf of the restaurant industry in all 50 states. Additionally, he oversees the Restaurant Advocacy Fund and the Association’s grassroots programs at the federal, state, and local levels, including the annual Public Affairs Conference.
Barbara Karam Wilson
Director, Corporate Tax
White Castle

Barb has held her current position of Director, Corporate Tax for White Castle System since 2017 and is responsible for tax planning, federal income tax and provision, and oversight of operations for the tax, fixed assets and payroll departments. Prior to White Castle, she worked in public accounting in Pennsylvania for 12 years.
Roland Wood
Chief Financial Officer
Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria, Inc.

Mr. Wood serves as Chief Financial Officer of Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria, Inc. He has had experience in retail, operations, construction, and real estate throughout his 16+ year finance career. He specializes in process streamlining/automation, FP&A, treasury management, strategic initiative planning, and GL reporting.


CPA Academy

Antitrust Guidelines 

While trade associations and their related membership bodies are recognized as valuable resources to promote and advance American industries, their activities can present inherent antitrust risks. Because many association members may compete with each other, associations and their members must be vigilant to ensure that their activities not only comply with the antitrust laws, but also avoid even the appearance of an antitrust violation.  The mere appearance of an antitrust violation can lead to costly and time-consuming investigations.

A Brief Listing of Do’s and Don’ts
The following listing of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” is intended to assist Association members, directors, committee members, and employees to avoid engaging in anticompetitive activities, or the appearance of such improper activities, while participating in Association activities. Don’t make agreements, or enter into discussions that could lead to agreements, between you and any of your competitors, or discuss individual company data (unless already published) with a competitor that could be perceived as an agreement, regarding:

  • Current, future, or recent past prices
  • Expected profit levels
  • Pricing procedures, including underlying costs
  • Discounts or credit terms
  • Standardizing supplier costs, terms, or other expenses
  • Dividing or allocating markets or customers
  • Do adhere to written agendas for all Association meetings involving Members and ensure there are written minutes of any discussions during and results from any such meetings.
  • Don’t exclude participation in the Association or in committee meetings by industry members except for failure to meet established standards for membership in such.  In particular, don’t exclude any industry member from participation in the Association or its committees for competitive or anticompetitive reasons.
  • Don’t share, collect or distribute competitively sensitive information except in response to legitimate Association-sponsored requests.  Any non-public corporate information that a company would normally not share with a competitor may be consider “competitively sensitive” information.
  • Do know that any competitively sensitive information provided in response to Association-sponsored activities will be merged by Association employees or independent third parties with sufficient other data so that no one’s information can be attributed to any individual member.
  • Do recognize that every email, note, and memorandum may be the subject of discovery in any investigation related to the activities of the Association, and consider what you write and say accordingly.

The above is a summary of recommendations only.  Further detail is provided in the Antitrust Policy, or can be obtained from the Association’s General Counsel.